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EUR Video News: Oprah Winfrey Comes Clean on Her Weight-loss Drugs Journey | WATCH

Oprah before and after weight loss - she used weight-loss drugs - Getty
Oprah before and after weight loss – Getty

*On Wednesday evening Oprah Winfrey spoke with Gayle King and Charles Barkley about why she decided to turn to weight-loss drugs after years of focusing on diet and exercise.

Back in December, Winfrey publicly disclosed her use of weight loss medication and expressed solidarity with those who also rely on prescription drugs such as Ozempic, Mounjaro, Victoza, and Wegovy.

“For the first time after taking the medication, I realized that all these years, I believed those who didn’t struggle with dieting were simply exercising superior willpower. But now I understand: it wasn’t about willpower; they just weren’t consumed by thoughts of food like I was,” admitted Winfrey, reflecting on her own experience.

Acknowledging the impact of weight-loss medication on her own life, Winfrey revealed: “I’m no longer preoccupied with what my next meal will be.” She incorporates the medication into her routine alongside activities like hiking 3 to 5 miles daily, running, strength training, and maintaining a balanced diet.

Check out what Oprah told Gayle and Barkley on CNN’s “King Charles,” below.

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