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Oklahoma Man’s Reason for Going Through Starbucks Drive-thru While Naked: To See the ‘Pretty Girls’

Michael Billingsley - Fox 23 Oklahoma - screenshot
Michael Billingsley – Tulsa County Jail/Fox 23 Oklahoma screenshot

*In the latest episode of “WTH?! (What the Hell?) we travel to everyone’s favorite Frappuccino spot, Starbucks. It’s their Broken Arrow, Oklahoma location that’s getting the attention over a regular customer’s disturbing habit at the store’s drive-thru while naked that has gotten him locked up.

Fox23 cites an affidavit it obtained that details the situation. According to the document, a Starbucks employee identified a man named Michael Billingsley as the man-in-question. The employee stated that Billingsley made his way through a Starbucks drive-thru at 6 a.m. back in March. It was then that Billingsley hopped out of his car with nothing on at all while waiting for his order, a “large iced americano.”

Speaking with Broken Arrow Police, the victim mentioned that Billingsley was “100%” naked, adding the incident marks the second time she knew of this happening at the store.

The affidavit references two more incidents involving Billingsley that happened days later. On April 6, the manager noticed Billingsley at 6 am. watching porn as he drove through the drive-through.

Three days after the April 6 happening, the victim of the March 30 incident and the manager of the most recent circumstance were presented with a lineup of photos by police. Billingsley was identified by the pair as the suspect.

Oklahoma Starbucks drive-thru customer Michael Billingsley / Photo: Tulsa County Jail
Oklahoma Starbucks drive-thru customer Michael Billingsley / Photo: Tulsa County Jail

That same day (April 9), Billingsley went to the Broken Arrow Police Station for an interview about his involvement in the incidents. During the interview, he admitted to being nude as an exhibitionist multiple times while going to the Starbucks drive-thru. His reason? To see the “pretty girls” who worked the window. In addition to the Broken Arrow location, Billingsley admitted he also did his thing at a Starbucks location in Tulsa.

The man’s presence was so frequent that Starbucks workers had no problem remembering his “large iced americano” order.

“Unfortunately, someone would do this to employees who are just trying to make a living and have to deal with someone doing this,” said Broken Arrow Police Information Coordinator Ethan Hutchins, who labeled the situation “disturbing.”

Alexandria Moore, who works across the street from Starbucks Broken Arrow site at a music studio, voiced similar feelings as she feels Billingsley “just needs some help.”

“Honestly I think mental illness is at an all-time high, especially going through the pandemic, and he just needs some help,” she said.

Starbucks - Depositphotos
Starbucks – Depositphotos

Billingsley was arrested and booked into Tulsa County jail for two counts of indecent exposure. He is currently out on a $4,000 bond.

Court records on the situation stated the Broken Arrow Police’s belief that victims of Billingsley from other Starbucks locations may exist and recommended that the employees call them.

For now, just know that a large Starbucks iced americano and its connection to porn are now etched in your memory.


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