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OJ Simpson Cancer Death Reactions: Caitlyn Jenner, Murder Victim Ron Goldman’s Family, Others: ‘Good Riddance!’ | VIDEOs

*Earlier, we relayed the news that O.J. Simpson, a name synonymous with controversy due to his ’90s murder trial, has passed away after a fight with cancer. Needless to say, various parties associated with Simpson are reacting.

Las Vegas was the final setting for the retired NFL player, with his 76-year life coming to a close as confirmed by his kin.

Reacting to the news was Caitlyn Jenner, formerly tied by marriage to Kris Jenner, who was a close confidant of Nicole Brown, Simpson’s former spouse whom he was famously cleared of killing. Echoing a sense of apathy, the Ron Goldman family stated Simpson’s departure from this world is “no great loss.”

“Good Riddance,” the storied athlete and celebrity penned.

In a previous chapter of her life, Jenner (then known as Bruce Jenner) shared vows with Kris Jenner, who after their union was once married to Robert Kardashian, the high-profile defense attorney in Simpson’s court saga.

Speaking to NBC News on Thursday morning, Fred Goldman, father to Ron Goldman – whom Simpson was also accused of killing – remarked on Simpson’s passing as if it were but a shadow, not a substance of any world-altering weight.

“All it does is remind us that Ron has been absent all these long years,” Fred Goldman remarked. “Simpson’s death? It’s no great loss. Rather, it’s a haunting echo of the son I lost.”

David Cook, representing the Goldmans legally, has been in pursuit of a civil judgment against Simpson since 2008 and offered a stern remark to the Associated Press about Simpson’s end, saying, “OJ died without penance.”

Simpson will be recalled for his gridiron glory days and forays into film and television, yet his real claim to enduring notoriety is the harrowing highway pursuit in his white Bronco and the courtroom drama that unfolded in 1995.

On “The View,” just as the day’s broadcast was kicking off Thursday morning, Whoopi Goldberg stood before her audience with breaking news:

“We’ve just learned that O.J. Simpson has passed, in the midst of his battle with cancer,” she informed the crowd. “It was information too current, too fresh for us not to share.”

Oj Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson - GettyImages
Oj Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson – GettyImages

Amidst the fresh wave of news, Cook divulged that the Goldman estate is currently delving into the assets left behind by Simpson, looking to continue their pursuit of legal recompense.

“We don’t know what he has, where it is, or who is in control. We will pick up where we are and keep going with it,” Cook said.

Cook mentioned that the Goldmans are exploring options to seek damages from Simpson’s estate, though details about his assets are uncertain.

Meanwhile, Tom Lange, a primary detective in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, declined any comment on the matter to TMZ, expressing indifference.

“I have nothing to say, I simply don’t care,” Lange reportedly told TMZ.

Online commenters cast a harsh gaze upon Simpson’s death. Many on the internet condemned the acquitted individual, asserting that justice for Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman has finally been realized with his death.

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