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Clueless Nikki Haley Blames Obama for Race, Gender Divide in America on Breakfast Club and got NO Pushback – Viewers Pissed | WATCH

*Nikki Haley appeared on “The Breakfast Club” radio show on Wednesday and blamed former President Barack Obama for the racial and gender divide in America. 

At approximately the 10:09 mark, when the hosts asked the Republican presidential candidate her thoughts about the Obama administration, Haley said, “I think with Obama, that was, if you go back, that’s when we really started to feel the division.”

“That was because of the white supremacists,” co-host Charlamagne the God added.

“No,” Haley responded, “I think it was, it was everything. Everything was exaggerated with the Obama administration. It became more about gender. It became more about race. It became more about separating Americans instead of bringing them together.”

Nikki Haley Unpacks America's Racist Roots, Abortion, Immigration & Her Plan To Save The Country
Nikki Haley / screenshot

“That was the right-wing media, though,” Charlamagne said. “They were they were scared to death of a Black president.”

“Look, I don’t think – everybody’s at fault. I’m not saying that one person did this. But I’m saying under that administration, it really did cause, some, you just felt, people felt like they were being put in camps through that administration,” Haley replied.

She then noted that Obama was “an Iranian sympathizer.”

Haley’s comments about race and Obama got zero pushback from “Breakfast Club” hosts Charlamagne and DJ Envy. Why? Because they are OUT OF THEIR LEAGUE. They have no business trying to interview politicians. On YouTube, one commenter agreed under TBC’s interview with Haley, writing, “Softball questions with no pushback. Exactly why non-journalists shouldn’t do interviews.”

Another person added, “She just sat here and said having a black president caused division and ppl felt like they were put in camps……WHAT?”

Barack Obama / Getty
Barack Obama / Getty

A third YT user commented, “No disrespect, but you guys have a huge platform. If you’re not prepared to challenge some of these dangerous talking points she’s spewing, you shouldn’t have her on. I’m all for inviting people with opposing viewpoints to the table for a conversation, but seriously, y’all really let her off the hook on some really dangerous rhetoric and I think it’s because neither of you understood it.”

“Envy and Charlamagne may or may not have had good intentions but this interview was disastrous,” another respondent said. “Where was the Charlamagne that goes hard when anyone brings up racism and inequality? Why Envy? Why Charlamagne??”

One person added, “It baffles me how you can deny racism yet speak about how your family experienced it. Then you say you don’t want to tell children that but then on the other hand say that history should be learned. The true history of this nation is that racism is extremely prevalent.”

“The BFC should stop having political candidates come on if they are so unaware of the issues to be able to challenge these folks. They did it with piers Morgan, Larry elder, Vivek, Nikki, etc. I need her to go on Roland Martin or the view,” wrote another critic of the Haley interview. 

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