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Method Man Talks Finale Season of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ – Reminds Us That Black Media Often Overlooked by Major Stars | EUR Video Exclusive

Method Man
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*In our exclusive new interview with Method Man, the iconic rapper unpacks the intricate layers of his Davis MacLean in the highly anticipated fourth and final season of “Power Book II: Ghost.”

As the series draws to a close, Method Man shares his insights on the evolution of his character, the dynamic storylines, and the profound impact the show has had on audiences. In our exclusive with the superstar, he discussed the challenges and triumphs of bringing this complex narrative to life, offering fans an intimate glimpse into the world behind the scenes of this critically acclaimed drama.

Before our ZOOM interview began, Method Man expressed frustration to his team offscreen about the range of media outlets included in the press junket. His comments suggested that he felt his talent and stature might be better suited to larger platforms. However, once the conversation started, he engaged fully and provided insightful responses, demonstrating his professionalism and dedication to his craft.

Method Man also highlighted a significant issue faced by many Black media outlets: the challenges in securing A-list white talent for exclusive interviews. He remarked on the disparity, noting that STARZ (home of the POWER franchise) would never place a high-caliber actress like Julianne Moore, star of its historical drama “Mary & George,” in front of smaller, predominantly Black media outlets.

This issue is not exclusive to white celebrities, as major Black stars frequently bypass these platforms during their promotional tours as well. From our point of view, it’s disheartening that we have to remind studios, publicists, and managers that Black audiences are not a monolith and that we enjoy diverse entertainment news and celebrity exclusives. This oversight not only diminishes the richness of the media landscape but also overlooks the significant influence and reach of Black media outlets.

Meanwhile, during our conversation with Method Man, he teased what fans can expect from his character in the fourth and final season.

“Well, you’re looking at a man who’s treading water right now, lost his law license, thanks to his partner that he was using anyway to get his brother out of jail, you saw how that turned out. He’s also dealing with the death of his brother now. Anyone that has ever lost a loved one knows that eventually, the pain of the moment goes away, but the heartache, the heartbreak, never truly ever goes away,” the rapper/actor explained.

“We’re talking about a man dealing with this in real time, as well as trying to get his license back,” Method Man continued. “We’re talking about his moral compass was probably his brother, which isn’t a great example in itself, he’s in jail, though, but now that he doesn’t have that, Davis is pretty much, he can be as loose as he wants to be without thinking of the consequences, or having someone to tap him on the shoulder and say, “You’re moving too fast.” It’s going to be a fun little journey to see where that goes.”

Here’s the official Season 4 synopsis: New alliances have been formed with each faction and Tariq and Brayden must find a way back into the game. But Brayden starts flirting with a new, reckless lifestyle, leaving Tariq to wonder if there really is room for two at the top. With Monet left for dead, Davis facing potential disbarment, and Effie looking to secure her future at Stanford, everyone’s on their own. Diana and Dru continue to question their roles while Cane levels up and starts working with Noma. As Noma is fighting to establish her business in the States and keep her daughter Anya in line, she finds her way on Tariq and Brayden’s radar. With the fate of his future in the game and his family at the forefront, Tariq must reconcile his past to rise to the top of the food chain and become who he needs to be to protect those he loves most.

Season four of “Power Book II: Ghost” cast includes Michael Rainey Jr. as “Tariq St. Patrick,” Mary J. Blige as “Monet Tejada,” Gianni Paolo as “Brayden Weston,” Woody McClain as “Cane Tejada,” Lovell Adams-Gray as “Dru Tejada,” LaToya Tonodeo as “Diana Tejada,” Alix Lapri as “Effie Morales,” Larenz Tate as “Rashad Tate,” Caroline Chikezie as “Noma,” and Michael Ealy as “Detective Don Carter.”  Additionally recurring actors include, LightSkinKeisha as “Brushaundria Carmichael”

Part one of “Power Book II: Ghost” debuts on Friday, June 7, at midnight ET on the STARZ app, coinciding with the 10th Anniversary of Power’s debut on STARZ.  On linear, it will debut on STARZ at 8:00 PM ET/PT in the U.S. and 9:00 PM ET in Canada. Part two premieres on Friday, September 6, at midnight ET on the STARZ app and on STARZ at 8:00 PM ET/PT in the U.S. and 9:00 PM ET in Canada on linear.

Watch our full interview with Method Man via the clip below.

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