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EUR Video News: Man Self-immolates by NYC Courthouse Where Trump’s on Trial | WATCH!

*In a shocking turn of events, a man (Max Azzarello) took dramatic measures on Friday near the New York City courthouse, where the trial of former President Donald Trump unfolded. Igniting himself with an accelerant, he became a fiery spectacle.

Meanwhile, deep within the Lower Manhattan courthouse, Trump himself was shielded from the blaze, the culmination of jury selection settling around 1:30 p.m.

Identified by the vigilant NYPD as Azzarello, 37, hailing from St. Augustine, Florida, this enigmatic figure had only recently graced the streets of New York. His arrival stirred little attention until his fiery act.

Venturing into the precincts of Collect Pond Park, a nexus for both dissenting voices and the curious public, Azzarello added another layer of intrigue as he scattered pamphlets into the air like confetti.

Man set self on fire near Trump trail - CNN-Instagram
Man set self on fire near Trump trail – CNN-Instagram


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“We’re very concerned,” voiced Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey, his tone echoing the gravity of the situation. The NYPD vowed to scrutinize its security measures, recognizing the weightiness of the ongoing Trump trial in the city’s political and social fabric.

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