Monday, June 24, 2024

LU’s VP of Student Affairs Commits Suicide After ‘Bullying and Severe Mistreatment’

suicide from bullying
Dr. Antoinette Candia-Bailey, vice president of Student Affairs at Lincoln University-Missouri,

*Students at Lincoln University-Missouri are calling for the president, Dr. John Moseley, to resign after the vice president of student affairs, Dr. Antoinette Candia-Bailey, reportedly died by suicide after “bullying and severe mistreatment” by the school’s leadership.

HBCU Buzz reports that Dr. Candia-Bailey took her own life on January 8 due to distress from being “unsupported, disregarded, and abused after countless attempts to speak out on the bullying and harassment she experienced in her role from President Moseley.”

Moseley, a white man, is now facing calls to resign amid protests from the Jefferson City community. He allegedly failed to support Bailey during her “cries for help.” Lincoln University students and alum say Moseley should “no longer be allowed to lead.”

Meanwhile, social media users are questioning why a white man was even hired to serve as president of a historically black university (HBCU).

The #FireMoseley hashtag is trending on X/Twitter to increase awareness about Dr. Candia-Bailey’s suicide.

“Rallying for justice and change! Dr. Antoinette Bonnie Candia-Bailey’s tragic loss to suicide calls us to action,” said Alexis Anginette Wells, a LU alumni, on Instagram, per HBCU Buzz. “Join us in solidarity with Lincoln University of Missouri to demand accountability and stand against the silence surrounding mental health and bullying. Let our collective voice be heard—use #FireMoseley.”

Wells urges followers to write a letter to the Board of Curators about “the dismissal of Dr. John Moseley due to poor leadership and the fostering of a detrimental work environment.”

On X/Twitter, one user wrote, “URGENT!!!! ATTENTION ALL ALUMNI!! FLOOD emails to the President of Curators [email protected] starting today so that they understand we will no longer tolerate biases toward black educators, administrators, alumni and especially students.”

Lincoln University released a statement three days after Dr. Bailey’s passing, writing: “The Lincoln University community is mourning the loss of beloved alum and leader Dr. Antoinette “Bonnie” Candia-Bailey. Dr. Bailey passed away earlier this week. She was a gifted colleague and always a passionate advocate for Lincoln University, HBCUs and other causes in which she believed.”

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