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Kerry Washington Reveals Reason Why She Hid Engagement Ring in ‘My Undergarments’

Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington / Getty

*Kerry Washington has revealed why she used to hide her engagement ring in her undergarments.

“I loved my ring so much, so I would sleep in it at night, and then in the morning, I would pin it to my undergarments so that nobody knew we were engaged,” she said during a recent appearance on SiriusXM’s This Life of Mine with James Corden, Marie Claire reports. 

The “Scandal” star explained that she wanted to keep her engagement and wedding to NFLer Nnamdi Asomugha private, so she “used to ping my engagement ring to my undergarments,” she shared. 

“He had a groundbreaking, record-breaking contract that he had just walked through, and he had been in three or four Pro Bowls, you know,” she explained. “When I met him, he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and I was on this hit show.”

Washington wed Asomugha in 2013, and she told Corden that “there was a lot of public energy around our careers,” so she decided to hide her engagement ring.

Nnamdi Asomugha
Nnamdi Asomugha attends 49th NAACP Image Awards at Pasadena Conference Building, Pasadena, CA on January 15, 2018 — Photo by [email protected]

“We kept our relationship very private when we were dating, I think mostly because we just wanted to protect ourselves and each other,” she added.

“I think it’s really hard when people have a lot to say about your relationship,” Washington continued. 

Washington and David Moscow were previously engaged but ended their relationship in March 2007.

“I had been in a really public engagement that when it ended, I was in the unfortunate position of being on the cover of a bridal magazine and it was a bridal magazine that came out quarterly, so for three months I walked around and I thought: ‘I think I’m done talking about my personal life in the public,'” she said.

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