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Jamie Foxx and Daughter Corinne Foxx to Resume Hosting ‘Beat Shazam’

Jamie and Corinne
Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corinne /Getty

*Jamie Foxx and his daughter, Corinne Foxx, are set to return as hosts of the seventh season of “Beat Shazam” on Fox.

Deadline reports that the game show will premiere in May. “Beat Shazam” is built around the popular song-identifying app Shazam. It consists of teams of two that race against the clock and compete against each other as they attempt to identify the biggest hit songs of all time. In the end, the team with the highest score will go against Shazam for the chance to win $1 million in cash prizes.

“Jamie and Corinne are the heart and soul of Beat Shazam,” said Allison Wallach, Fox Entertainment’s President of Unscripted Entertainment. “As our undeniably dynamic father-daughter hosting team, they bring a relationship like no other to a show like no other, and it’s wonderful having them back on set this season.”

“Beat Shazam” returns to Fox on May 28.

Meanwhile, we reported earlier that Jamie plans to host a televised special to finally explain his hospitalization last year.

Jamie Foxx - Getty
Jamie Foxx – Getty

Foxx appeared at the African American Film Critics Association Award Sunday night in L.A. and accepted a Producers Award. During his speech, the comedian/actor talked about how his perspective on life has shifted since his medical scare in 2023, TMZ reports. 

“Everybody wants to know what happened, and I’m going to tell you what happened. But I’ve gotta do it in my way,” Foxx said. “I’m gonna do it in a funny way. We’re gonna be on the stage. We’re gonna get back to the standup sort of roots.”

“It’ll be called, ‘What Had Happened Was,’ and it’s got all the things that happened, especially on our side of our community,” he added.

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