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Halle Berry Showcases Survivalist Skills in ‘Never Let Go’ Trailer

*Halle Berry showcases her survival skills as the mother of twin boys in the new trailer for the Alexandre Aja-directed film “Never Let Go.”

The official synopsis includes the following details: “In this new psychological thriller/horror, as an Evil takes over the world beyond their front doorstep, the only protection for a mother, played by Academy Award® winner Halle Berry, and her twin sons is their house and their family’s protective bond. Needing to stay connected at all times – even tethering themselves with ropes – they cling to one another, urging each other to never let go. But when one of the boys questions if the evil is real, the ties that bind them together are severed, triggering a terrifying fight for survival.”

Berry said she dabbled in “a little bit of Method acting” for the role, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“There was no electricity, no lights, my character skinning squirrels, and they’re eating bugs and frogs — raw frogs — in the woods,” Berry continued, “I had to really skin a squirrel. These things wildly challenged me to create some reality within this world that felt so foreign.”

Halle Berry Showcases Survivalist Skills in 'Never Let Go' Trailer
Halle Berry in ‘Never Let Go’ / Trailer

The actress added, “Since I became a mother 16 years ago, playing these kinds of roles has wildly excited me. With this movie, it reminded me how I would protect my children with my life. We often say, ‘I would take a bullet for my kids.’ Would you take a knife for your kids?”

We reported earlier that PETA issued a response to Berry’s revelation about skinning a squirrel in the movie.

The organization said the Oscar-winning actress did not harm animals but instead worked with realistic props, Vibe reports.

“While moviegoers may squirm in their seats at the sight of a squirrel being skinned, Alexander Aja’s use of movie magic, instead of a thinking, feeling being in Never Let Go, once again proves that technology is the key to modern, humane movie production,” said PETA’s Director of Animals in Film and Television, Lauren Thomasson.

The statement continued, “PETA is happily rushing delicious squirrel-shaped vegan chocolates to Aja and Halle Berry to applaud this responsible choice, and we urge other filmmakers to commit to making their productions positive for animals by using only props, computer-generated imagery, and other special effects.”

“Never Let Go” arrives in theaters on Sept. 27, 2024. Watch the new trailer via the YouTube clip above

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