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Florida Man Goes Viral While ‘Shopping’ At MIA Baggage Claim | WATCH Him

Unnamed man rummaging through unclaimed baggage at Miami International Airport / Photo: Instagram screenshot
Unnamed man rummaging through unclaimed baggage at Miami International Airport / Photo: Instagram screenshot

*Previously on “What The Hell?!” we went to church to see teeth falling out of the mouth of a preacher during his sermon. In the latest episode, we go to Miami International Airport (MIA)

Not for air travel, but to check out a guy having free reign to go through the luggage at the unclaimed baggage area to ‘shop’ for clothes.

According to Madame Noire, viral footage of the situation was captured by a woman and shared on an Instagram account, AFlyGuyTravels.

“I have never in my life seen nothing like this,” the astonished woman said while filming and watching the unnamed man, who had a couple of suitcases near him. The woman mentioned the man had sifted through four bags.

“This man is going through people’s luggage,” she said. “This is ridiculous.”

As if going through luggage coming fresh from the conveyor belt wasn’t enough, the man took it a step further with his attempt to try on the clothes in front of people passing by.

Showing no shame at all, the man stood up from sitting on the conveyor belt to squeeze into a pair of jeans that weren’t his.

“Where they do this at?” the woman asked.

Adding to its viral status on social media, the clip was reposted on Only in Florida, an Instagram account dedicated to sharing videos poking fun at “the meme state”

Needless to say, the guy in question is in serious violation of MIA’s protocols for unclaimed baggage and lost items. Madame Noire noted the airport’s policy via its website.

The site stated its assurance to MIA’s “staff members “that all lost items found in the airport terminals, parking garages, drive areas, or employee shuttle will be stored securely in MIA’s Lost and Found for 30 days. Lost and Found staff will attempt to research and locate potential owners.

“MIA patrons are encouraged to immediately report lost items with their Lost Item Claim form or with a staff member, the site continued, adding that folks “can also report stolen property to the Miami-Dade airport police.

“Once the items are found, they can be retrieved on-site or shipped.

Since achieving viral status, the video of the unclaimed baggage shopper has generated comments from those who couldn’t believe he went unchecked by airport staff members.

Man Goes Shopping At MIA Baggage Claim
Man Goes Shopping At MIA Baggage Claim

“Where is the police, army, private security and the rest of the people that work there???” hone person voiced, while another person wrote, “Adding this to my list of ‘Why I’m not checking a bag.’…Where is security?”

“No security in sight, but God forbid your toothpaste is a tick over 3.4 ounces.” a third person posted.

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