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Black Woman Writes Scathing ‘Opinion’ Piece About Fani Wills – Calls Her An ‘Embarrassment to Black People’

UPDATE: In a surprise move, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis will not testify for a second day

Black conservative says Fani Willis is an embarrassment to Black people - screenshot
Fani Willis testifies in court – screenshot

*A woman named Kira Davis who says she’s Black and is a conservative has written an opinion piece for Newsweek titled “Fani Willis Is an Embarrassment to Black People. She’s the Proof That DEI Only Hurts Us.”

Needless to say, it’s got a lot of people in their feelings or more directly, “hot under their collar” as the old saying goes. You can also count this writer as one of those not thrilled with Davis’ “opinion” of Fani Willis’ testimony on the stand in Atlanta yesterday.

Davis’ title says it all and says a lot about HER.  First of all, there was zero embarrassment about Fani Willis’ actions on the stand.

Also, how the hell is a woman who was ELECTED  to public office a DEI recipient? To us, this Davis person sounds like your typical conservative age-old bootlicker out to find ways to make master happy.

OK, we’ll leave it at that. Below are SOME of her thoughts. And reactions from around the web.

Fani Willis Is an Embarrassment to Black People. She’s the Proof That DEI Only Hurts Us | Opinion
As a Black woman and working professional, I’ve never been a huge fan of affirmative action and the recent rise of critical theory, and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives has only bolstered my resistance. While it may seem necessary to some in order to right the wrongs of the past, I can sum up why these measures are an unmitigated disaster for hard-working Black Americans in two words:  Fani Willis.

Willis is the prosecutor in one of the nation’s major cities and most high-profile cases against former President Donald Trump. Her position and the historic nature of the case she is prosecuting put her in an elite class most Black people will never even dream of reaching. One would expect such a person to be polished and classy, and able to remain so even while responding to an uncomfortable barrage of questions on the witness stand.

Instead, what we got was a defiant, childish, sour woman who spoke with the sophistication of a teenage girl at her first college party.

It wasn’t simply that she sounded angry—she also sounded stupid. As I watched her testimony with my husband, an unspoken dread passed between us, weighted by a certain type of sadness. We understood instinctively that we were watching the result of a diversity-first system that ends up elevating the weak while simultaneously besmirching the strong.

OK, that’s enough. You surely see where she’s coming from. If you need to read Kira Davis’ full diatribe, click here.

Now some reactions: via MSN News:

Rich Roser
The author is leaping to the conclusion that DEI had anything to do with her advancement – meanwhile, red districts elect comic sciencefails like MTG (Majorie Taylor Green) and (Tommy) Tuberville

Erry Wear
And state they are top-tier people when in reality everyone knows they aren’t. I’ve been in meeting rooms with those types (MTG/Boebert) and ask the question how did they even get in the door? But then quickly realized I know why/how they got here!

Fani Willis
Fani Willis, Fulton County’s DA / screenshot

Deactivate Your Willie Lynch Chip
Willis’ own actions and statements should lead any thinking person to conclude she is a product of DEI. The only people I’ve come across working in law enforcement that only operate with cash are drug dealers, or criminals of some sort. I wonder if she has a burner phone as well.

I beg to differ!!! The conservative writer mentions that “Every time someone like me seeks professional advancement, I am forced to wonder how many people in the room think, I shouldn’t be there before I’ve opened my mouth” yet admits to not being a huge fan of affirmative action, critical theory, diversity, equity and inclusion, neither did Clarence Thomas the beacon of upward mobility in Black America. I’ve got news for you Kira, there are many who think you shouldn’t be there after you opened your mouth.

Well said.  I knew from the beginning of the end of the DEI movement would be scenes like this would be its undoing.  Putting people of any color at the back of the line so that incompetents like Fani could have their day in the sun isn’t working out for any of us.

Janice Thomas
I so glad that before your penned name, it states “Opinion”. Therefore, I’m going to take the stance of total disagreement with your statement. What gives you the right to make such a blanket statement that Ms. Willis is an embarrassment Black People? On the contrary, I’m even prouder of her after watching her testimony. While I admit to having my concerns about her choice of getting involved with an agent of the DA Office, I never questioned her integrity. I have heard only positive comments about her character, skills, and professionalism. She said it best as she testified, “I’m not the one on trial…they are. They are for trying to steal and election.” Let’s be real and honest, this is all about trying to distract from the REAL misjustice and impropriety.  We better wake-up and realize how precious and vulnerable our democracy.

The above is just a sampling of reactions to Kira Davis’ “opinion” piece in Newsweek called “Fani Willis Is an Embarrassment to Black People. She’s the Proof That DEI Only Hurts Us” Click here for more reactions.

Now. What about YOU? We’d love to know YOUR thoughts and anything else that’s on your mind. Please scroll down to our comment area and go for it!

UPDATE: In a surprise move, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis will not testify for a second day against claims she had an ‘improper’ affair with Nathan Wade, a lawyer she hired to help prosecute former President Trump and others accused of conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election.

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