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21-Year-Old Aoki Lee Simmons Addresses Controversy Surrounding Viral Images of Her Kissing 65-Year-Old Restaurateur | WATCH

They say age is just a number, but in this case, that might be stretching things quite a bit. And on top of that, it’s NOT a good look. Anywhoo, a barely legal Aoki Lee Simmons, aged 21, is stepping into the limelight, albeit with a hint of mystery, following her recent public display of affection with restaurateur Vittorio Assaf, aged 65.

Assaf, renowned as the mastermind behind the Serafina Restaurant Group, including the iconic Serafina in NYC, has found himself entangled in gossip alongside Aoki, and deservedly so.

Captured by paparazzi lenses during their beach escapade in St. Barts, Aoki, the offspring of former model and entrepreneur Kimora Lee Simmons and the embattled businessman and music mogul Russell Simmons was photographed sharing a tender moment with Assaf.

Before the paparazzi shots surfaced, according to Essence, Aoki had innocently posted a beachside photo of herself on social media, oblivious to the storm it would stir. Since then, the internet has been buzzing with opinions on their companionship, particularly given Aoki’s father’s age proximity to Assaf and their strained relationship. Some have even drawn parallels to her parents’ controversial romance, which began when her mother was 18 and her father was 35.


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Despite the scrutiny, Aoki appears unfazed. Sharing another beach photo on her Instagram Story with the caption, “Happy, healthy, did some beach,” she seems content amidst the whirlwind of speculation.

Addressing the rumors, Aoki took to her Instagram Stories again, posting a photo with the caption, “Errr well now I know why folks were calling me,” subtly acknowledging the chatter without divulging much.

This isn’t the first time Aoki has found herself at the center of controversy regarding her romantic life. Previously, she faced criticism for her interracial relationship, a situation she candidly addressed, recognizing the outdated attitudes that fueled the backlash.

Now, the focus has shifted to the significant age gap between her and Assaf, prompting questions about the dynamics of their connection. While Aoki is within her rights to choose her partners as an adult, the curious public can’t help but wonder what common ground a 21-year-old and a 65-year-old could possibly share.

Aoki Lee Simmons and Vittorio Assa - Getty Images
Aoki Lee Simmons and Vittorio Assa – Getty Images

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