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Publicist Yvette Noel-Schure Offers Reward for Info About Death of Friend Josiah ‘Jonty’ Robinson

Yvette Noel-Schure and Josiah ‘Jonty’ Robinson pose for a photo (Instagram)
Yvette Noel-Schure and Josiah ‘Jonty’ Robinson (Instagram)

*Beyonce’s publicist Yvette Noel-Schure is offering a $100,000 reward for information on the death of her good friend Josiah “Jonty” Robinson in Grenada.

Noel-Schure believes that Robinson was targeted due to his sexuality, according to friend Tyler Perry’s July 26 Instagram post asking fans for any information regarding the gay 24-year-old’s reported murder,

“A few days ago, I got an extremely heartbreaking phone call from my friend, Yvette Noel-Schure. Through her tears and grief, she was telling me that in her home country of Grenada, a young man that was like a son to her was murdered. My soul ached as she shared that he was a young, gifted singer who was murdered because he was gay, “ Perry wrote in the caption of a photo carousel of Robinson.

“My mind immediately went to Mathew Shepard and all the other victims of racist, homophobic, antisemitic, xenophobic, senseless violence,” Perry continued. “This kid was 23. How is this ok? His mother is devastated. This pain is too common – the same pain of Marcia Williams, who I’ve been trying to help to find out what happened to her son Terrance in Collier County, Florida, for years now. The pain of not knowing can be crippling.”

Perry compared the incident to the loss of his 25-year-old nephew, who he and his sister were told: “Hung himself in prison just 3 years ago.”

“The pain of not knowing is truly gut-wrenching. So with that said, Yvette and I are offering a $100,000 dollar reward to anyone who brings forth information that leads to the conviction of the murderer of Josiah “Jonty” Robinson. Please pray for his mother and Yvette and all of those that loved him, as well as every family who has been impacted by senseless violence.” Perry ended the emotional post, providing the number to Grenada’s Criminal Investigation Division.

According to The New Today Grenada, Robinson’s body was found on BBC beach in the Morne Rouge area of Grenada on June 18. A source linked to the Royal Grenada Police Force told the publication that Robinson died from “manual strangulation with injuries to the cervical spine,” which was concluded by Trinidad and Tobago’s top pathologist Hubert Daisley.

“When they threw him in the water, water went inside him, and rigor mortis took place – that is why all the blood came out,” the source added. “After he was thrown into the water, rigor mortis, algor mortis and the play of the gases during decomposition caused the blood to flow out in the mouth, nose and ears. There were no injuries to the head.”

Grenada officials continue to investigate the tragedy. The New Today Grenada noted that multiple people have been interviewed, “including someone that used to live” with Robinson. Anyone with information can contact the Royal Grenada Criminal Investigation Division at +1 (473) 440-3921.

Noel-Schure wrote a moving tribute to her late friend on Instagram.

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