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Anotha One! Vin Diesel’s Ex-Assistant Sues for Sexual Battery and Retaliation | VIDEO

Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel

*Well Mr. Hollywood superstar Vin Diesel, it’s YOUR turn to be accused of sexually molesting someone. In Diesel’s case, it’s his former assistant pointing the finger.

Asta Jonasson says it says it happened in Atlanta at the St. Regis Hotel after a night of seemingly hard partying with hostesses he’d met at a nearby club, during the filming of “Fast Five” in 2010.  He then fired her son in retaliation soon afterward.

“Vin Diesel forcibly grabbed Ms. Jonasson, groped her breasts, and kissed her,” says the complaint filed today in LA Superior Court.  “Ms. Jonasson struggled continually to break free of his grasp, while repeatedly saying no. Vin Diesel is physically larger and much stronger than Ms. Jonasson, and abused his position of authority as her employer, and was able to easily overpower Ms. Jonasson.”

“Vin Diesel ignored Ms. Jonasson’s clear statements of non-consent to his sexual assaults,” the document went on to add.

You can read the entire complaint, here.

Wait. There’s more: “Vin Diesel then escalated his assault, groped her body, dropped to his knees and pushed Ms. Jonasson’s dress up, groped her legs, and attempted to pull down Ms. Jonasson’s underwear. Terrified for her personal safety, Ms. Jonasson screamed and ran towards the nearby bathroom.”

Filed under California’s Sexual Abuse and Cover Up Accountability Act that lifted statutes of limitations by attorneys from the Greenberg Gross law firm, Jonasson’s suit details how Diesel “pinned her against the wall with his body, and grabbed Ms. Jonasson’s hand and placed it on his erect penis.” The actor then masturbated as he held Jonasson “against the hotel wall,” Deadline reports as it quotes from the legal filing.

Here’s more from the lawsuit:

“Ms. Jonasson was unable to escape and closed her eyes, scared of angering Vin Diesel by rejecting him further and trying to dissociate, wishing the assault would end,” the complaint says. Ms. Jonasson then heard groaning noises from Vin Diesel, and he quickly released Ms. Jonasson went to the bathroom, and turned on the sink. Jonasson was frozen in a state of shock and unable to move. Vin Diesel then walked past Ms. Jonasson and said, ‘No one can say s**t about Asta’ as he left the room.

Asta Jonasson (Linkedin)
Asta Jonasson (Linkedin)

Here’s more from the complaint as reported by Deadline: Asta Jonasson says several hours later she was “still processing the immediate aftermath of Vin Diesel’s sexual assault” and got a call from Samantha Vincent, the actor’s sister and head of his One Race production company. Vincent told her that the company needed “any extra help” and terminated her employment after just days on the job.

“The message was clear, Ms. Jonasson was fired for courageously resisting Vin Diesel’s sexual assault, Vin Diesel would be protected, and his sexual assault covered up,” the lawsuit stated.

In her lawsuit, Asta Jonasson didn’t state a specific figure, although she is requesting a jury trial and a variety of damages against Vin Diesel, Samantha Vincent, and One Race. Among those damages are “punitive and exemplary damages in an amount sufficient to punish Defendants, and to make an example of and deter Defendants from engaging in such conduct in the future.”

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