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Trans Boxer Patricio Manuel is Undefeated at 3-0 (Video)

Patricio “Pat” Manuel poses in front of the ring
Patricio “Pat” Manuel (Photo: Everlast)

*Patricio “Pat” Manuel, the first professional boxer to fight as both a woman and a trans man, is currently undefeated in the super featherweight boxing category.

Manuel, 37, beat Hien Hyunh in the 4th round on March 18. It’s his third win since debuting as a professional fighter in December 2018.

“There was some rust coming in, but I starting getting my rhythm,” Manuel said after the win. “I’m just happy to be in this ring. This where I am supposed to be.”

According to Sandra Rose, Manuel started professional boxing late in life due to discrimination in the male boxing world. The COVID-19 pandemic also put his career in a holding pattern. We were getting ready to go back in 2020, and then the world stopped because of COVID,” Manuel said.

Manuel, born to an Irish American mother and a Black father, said he has experienced race and gender discrimination due to being mixed race and transgender.

“I can’t disconnect my Blackness from my gender identity,” Manuel says. “Who I am, how I have moved through this world when I was identified as a quote-unquote ‘light-skinned, mixed-race Black girl,’ is a very different experience than a light-skinned, mixed-race Black man.”

Watch Manuel’s victory over Hyunh below.

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