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T.I. to Son King Not Knowing Tupac was An Actor, Will Smith A Rapper: ‘How Could You Embarrass Me Like This?’ | WATCH

King Harris and TI - Getty
King Harris and TI – Getty

*T.I. may know about the acting history of Tupac Shakur and Will Smith’s days as a rapper, but that doesn’t mean his son, King Harris, is just as knowledgeable.

According to Complex, the King of the South could not believe King was unaware that Shakur was an actor. The revelation was made during the latest episode of the publication’s “GOAT Talk” series. T.I. and King were talking about some of their all-time greats when Shakur’s name was brought into the mix. After Tip pulled a card that read “GOAT Rapper Turned Actor?”

“Bet you expect me to say me now, wouldn’t you?” The “Takers” star joked when referring to his successful movie career.

“Man, Tupac,” T.I. added, to the confusion of King.

“Tupac was an actor?” He asked. “I didn’t know he was an actor. I thought that was a lookalike Tupac.”

Although King confessed to seeing Shakur in the 1992 classic film “Juice, he did not bother looking at the credits. It was then that T.I. reacted to the 19-year-old’s actions.

“How could you embarrass me like this?” The entertainer told King.

Shakur’s name in the credits for “Juice” wasn’t the only thing about the “Keep Ya Head Up” rhymesayer that King glossed over. The reality TV fixture shared that Pac’s 1993 follow-up with Janet Jackson, “Poetic Justice” was not seen as well.

As for King’s GOAT actor-rapper, he chose Ice Cube.

rapper T.I.
T.I. / Getty

“I rock with Cube, he the OG,” T.I. said. “Can’t forget Will Smith.”

Hearing Smith’s name among the GOAT actor-rappers caught King off guard. The “King Richard” actor’s time as The Fresh Prince was unknown to him, despite Smith’s notable track record in the rap arena. Needless to say, T.I. was left disappointed again.

“Bro, I don’t know no Will Smith song!” King said, before taking a shot at another actor-rapper. “That’s like asking me what’s a Nick Cannon song?”

King’s mention of Cannon fell on deaf ear with T.I., who said the “Wild n Out” fixture “has no hits. From there, T.I. educated King on Smith after King asked about Smith’s hits.

Among the facts given to King was Smith being the first rapper to win a hip-hop Grammy Award with DJ Jazzy Jeff.


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“He’s the one that opened the door for rappers to come in, go to the Grammys and stunt, man,” T.I. explained.

T.I.’s facts about Smith were news to King, who inquired about the “Brand New Funk” entertainer’s recent music. Smith is reportedly working on a comeback album with Joyner Lucas.
Not one to pass up a humorous moment, King brought in another famous name to think of when thinking about actors who rhyme.

“I feel like y’all about to tell me Denzel Washington is a rapper,” he joked.

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