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Suge Knight Pimp Slaps Fellow Inmates Who Bad-Mouth Oprah Winfrey – Fans Continue to Accuse Beyoncé of Skin Bleaching + More | PicVIDEOs

Suge Knight and Oprah
Suge Knight and Oprah Photo Credit: Getty Images, Instagram

*Suge Knight, 58, government name Marion Hugh Knight Jr., allegedly pimp slaps other inmates who fix their mouths to speak recklessly about media mogul Oprah Winfrey, 69. Suge is serving a 28-year sentence for running down and killing Terry Carter after arguing with one of his longtime rivals, Cle “Bone” Sloan. The former CEO of Death Row Records occupies his time while serving his bid through the launch of his podcast Collect Call with Suge Knight.” In a recent episode, Suge confessed, “When people said something bad about Oprah Winfrey, sheeyit, I got in they a*s. You talkin’ about this Black woman. I fired they s**t up, slapped the s**t out of ’em. Don’t say nothin’ bout this Black Sister,” he said. However, he does point out that in her heyday, the Divine Ms. O never booked rappers for her show, according to Sandra Rose. Rappers during that time heavily profited from misogynoir, and they did not fit her platform; you can’t be invited to everybody’s table, oh well.

Bad press is good press. Beyoncé continues to troll her naysayers by posting her Amex platinum blonde tresses. However, some fans still question her alabaster appearance and suspect she is bleaching her skin complexion with glutathione therapy. One person said, “my boo in her Micheal Jackson era 😍.” Another criticized the “Renaissance” artist by posting, “Beyoncé understands her success is due to her proximity to whiteness. Any darker and she’d just be another R&B singer, so she went in for the white re-up 🤷🏾‍♂️.” However, other Hive members were not standing idly by and quickly checked the Beyoncé slander, “This like the first time in her life she going buss down 613 and y’all coming for her like a platinum blond weave/wig hasn’t been the go-to slay for some years now. She a white woman now? Y’all tripping.” One social media user said in the comment section, “This woman is NOT bleaching her skin. She has always been light skin and y’all saying she was darker in the 2000s because the girl was tanning her skin to fit into her target market. If you google Beyoncé no makeup in the 2000s you’ll see she’s this shade light bright as hell. Y’all need to accept she been playing y’all and making y’all think she darker than she really is.” Webbies, what are your thoughts?

Hoopz, real name Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, and Flavor Flav, government name William Jonathan Drayton Jr., had a mini-reunion. The two briefly dated after the conclusion of Flav‘s reality show “Flavor of Love.” One person on X tweeted, “Bruh better try to get that old thang back! It’s spin the block season.” Another reasoned, “If Nelly & Ashanti can rekindle, why can’t Hoopz & Flava Flav?” For you Webbies who were not alive during that time,Flavor of Love was quite entertaining, “Seeing this lets me know there was some real love there. Even if not beyond just friends. Even with this show being part of the upper echelon of reality television back then, you still know it’s for entertainment purposes and can’t all be real,” said one fan.

A fan of Robin Thede‘s female hotep character Dr. Hadassah Olayinka Ali-Youngman Pre-Phd from “A Black Lady Sketch Show” referenced the character to poke fun at Adele posing in a headscarf that many felt culturally appropriated the beauty and fashion exuded by Black women. Robin replied, “SEE, SEE, SEE… the ONLY Adele I recognize is Adele Givens! THIS Adele is just GIVENS us cultural appropriation! See, see, see…This white woman would have us Rolling in the Deep sunken place! Don’t fall for it my brothas and sistas!” Hila-ri-ous!!!

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