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Shannon Sharpe Leaves Fox Sports 1’s ‘Undisputed’ – Vin Diesel Blames Jason Momoa For ‘Fast X’ Poor Reviews & More | PicsVideos

Shannon Sharpe - Skip Bayless (Fox Sports)
Shannon Sharpe – Skip Bayless (Fox Sports)

*Webbies, Social Heat is giving you that Coogi down to the socks kinda news. Shannon Sharpe is chucking the deuces to Fox Sports 1 “Undisputed,” packing up his “Club Shay Shay” podcast and taking his talents elsewhere. The NY Post reports that Shannon and Fox Sports decided on a buyout agreement and are departing ways amicably. Shay Shay’s final show will air after the conclusion of the 2023 NBA Finals in June. Considering how the interaction between Shannon and the president of the lollipop guild, Skip Bayless, his co-host, became acrimonious over some time, it’s ’bout that time for Shannon to clock out and gets his freedom papers right before Juneteenth.

Damson Idris participated in Drama Actors Roundtable hosted by the Hollywood Reporter and admitted he summoned Lucifer to aid him in his portrayal of ‘Franklin Saint’ on FX’s “Snowfall.” Oh, well isn’t that precious, beckoning a fallen angel to get a paycheck? There is not enough money in the world, no gleaming accolade or award that would ever warrant calling upon that fallen creature. As @jstlbby observed, “Life is already a mess but then you calling on the devil…. Oh nahhh!” Girl, yes!

The lightskins are tusslin’, Vin Diesel claims that Jason Momoa‘s “overacting” and “scene-stealing” aura is the reason “Fast X” received poor reviews even though critics were smitten with Jason’s performance. If all eye-candy Jason coughed on screen, fans would call his thespian skills top-tier. Vinny, maybe the story didn’t do it for the people.

We had to give a burfday shoutout to Mark Curry! Check out this interview with Sherri Shepherd, where he explains why trying to cheat on a Black woman is not prudent. @jennymchristian broke it down, “There is no lie being told. “Oh, you at ya mama house. When Mrs Jenkins starts sounding like Selena then Jamal, huh, When?????” Mark is out trying to save lives!

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