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‘Saturday Night Live’ via Kenan Thompson Comes for Coach Prime & it’s Hilarious! | WATCH

*If you’re a Deion Sanders a/k/a Coach Prime fan or hater … and like a good laugh, we’ve got a good one fo’ ya from last night’s (10-14-23) “Saturday Night Live.”

The bottom line is that you know you’re a big deal when “SNL” comes for ya. Of course, that means it’s not gonna be some kind of goody-two-shoes story. Nope, when “Saturday Night Live” features you, they makin’ mad fun of you. 🙂

Fortunately, for Deion, it was good fun. Funny fun. Laugh till you start hiccupping fun. 🙂

SNL’s skit on Sanders/Coach Prime was via the Weekend Update desk. Yep, you guessed it, the consistently hilarious Kenan Thompson played the role of Sanders.

Kenan Thompson as Deion Sanders-Coach Prime on & Colin Jost10-14-23 SNL (screenshot)
Kenan Thompson as Deion Sanders-Coach Prime on & Colin Jost 10-14-23 SNL (screenshot)

Basically, the segment included his reaction to Friday night’s debacle against Stanford. Kenan/Deion also commented on how he started coaching college football at Jackson State.

“I truly believe that God called me there, and he said, ‘This is your destiny,'” Kenan/Deion explained.

So why did you leave for Colorado?

“Because God called me again and was like, ‘My bad.'”

That’s just one line from the skit. Give it a watch. There’s mucho more that’ll have you in stitches.

Deion Sanders (LM Otero-AP)
Deion Sanders (LM Otero-AP)

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