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RadioScope Reheat: Tupac on Carrying Digital Underground’s ‘Sweaty Socks’ as a Roadie | LISTEN

Shock G of Digital Underground and Tupac Shakur on stage
Shock G of Digital Underground and Tupac Shakur on stage (Photo: RAYMOND BOYD/GETTY)

*Tupac go ‘head and rock this.

You’ve seen the episode in which a young and hungry Tupac Shakur worked his way from being a roadie on tour with Digital Underground to a burgeoning solo superstar in the new FX docuseries, “Dear Mama.” That took us back to 1993, when we sat down with the rapper for his new film, “Poetic Justice,” and he detailed all of the grunt work he endured on that tour, just for a chance to perhaps one day show off his own lyrical talent.

Three years removed from that road experience, Tupac could look back and laugh at some of the things he had to do for the group, like carrying their bags and “sweaty socks,” setting up equipment, and all with “no groupie” rewards, he noted.

“I did that,” he said of his duties. “And I was as applied at that as I am with anything else I’ve done.”

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Listen below:

As chronicled in “Dear Mama,” also available to stream on Hulu, Pac ultimately worked his way from the back, “behind the truck” to the front of the stage, culminating in a scene-stealing, career-launching verse nestled within Digital Underground’s 1991 hit single, “Same Song.”

Watch below (Beware: The cultural appropriation and stereotypical characterization going on is insane.)

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