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RadioScope Reheat: Jody Watley on Janet Jackson Comparisons, Leaving Shalamar & More | LISTEN and Watch

Today is the 36th anniversary of her self-titled debut album

Jody Watley photo session, April 14, 1987 in Los Angeles, California.
Jody Watley photo session, April 14, 1987, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Getty Images/Bob Riha, Jr.)

*Pause whatever you’re doing, it’s time for an old-school Jody Watley turn-up!

Why? We really don’t need a reason. But on this day in 1987, the former Soul Train dancer and Shalamar member released her self-titled debut album and blessed us with a whopping five hit singles: “Don’t You Want Me,” “Looking for a New Love,” “Still a Thrill,” “Some Kind of Lover” and “Most of All.” Those hits – three of them co-written and co-produced by her then-future-ex-husband Andre Cymone – set the tone for her classics to come, including “Friends,” “Everything” and “Real Love,” featuring Eric B. and Rakim.

Nine years and four albums after her solo debut, Watley had enough ammunition to fire off a greatest hits album. EURweb’s predecessor RadioScope was right there to highlight the 1996 milestone. Prepare yourself. Not only will you hear Jody tracing her career highlights – including her transition from Shalamar, comparisons to Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul, and sales decline in the early 90s – but also a robust music mix of her greatest hits, likely to take GenXers and older right back to the era of Kangols, Members Only and “A Different World.”

Diane Blackmon delivers the following RadioScope segment about Jody Vanessa Watley that originally aired on March 9, 1996:

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Below, “Jody Watley,” released on Feb. 23, 1987, included the following hit singles:

“Looking for a New Love” – Released: January 6, 1987

“Still a Thrill” – Released: April 27, 1987

“Don’t You Want Me” – Released: August 10, 1987

“Some Kind of Lover” – Released: January 4, 1988

“Most of All” – Released: April 18, 1988

Jody Watley won the Grammy for Best New Artist in 1988

Andre Cymone says of all the tracks he produced on “Jody Watley,” “Still a Thrill” was his favorite

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