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RadioScope Reheat: Freedom Williams Explains Why C&C Music Factory Tried to Erase Martha Wash | AudioVideo

The group's former lead rapper turns 57 today

*When we caught up with Freedom Williams in June of 1993, the former member of C+C Music Factory and the rapper heard on their biggest hits had just left the group and was promoting his new solo project, “Freedom,” which included the single, “Voice of Freedom.”

After becoming a worldwide phenomenon as the rapper on C+C Music Factory’s 1991 hit “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now),” Williams told us that his exit from the group was due to creative differences.

He said:  “They wanted to bring different artists into the fold and I just felt like they didn’t want to have me and Zelma, plus two or three other groups. So it was just that time.”

Zelma Davis, of course, was also on lead vocals … when she wasn’t lip-syncing for Martha Wash. Scandal surrounded the group after it was discovered that Wash, who became a household name with The Weathergirls and their hit “It’s Raining Men,” was actually the lead singer on “Gonna Make You Sweat” but her voice was lip-synced by Zelma in the video and during live performances.

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During our 1993 chat with Freedom, who turns 57 today, we asked him why the group wasn’t just upfront about Martha Wash from the beginning. Listen to his answer below.

Eventually, Martha Wash got her flowers for being the secret sauce behind “Gonna Make You Sweat,” “I’ve Got the Power” and more.

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