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Quincy Spends Time w/Twin Sisters Jessie and D’Lilah – Sherri Shepherd Hits the Pickets Lines with Famous Friends + More | PicVIDEOs

Quincy, Jessie and D’Lilah
Quincy hanging out with his younger twin sisters Jessie and D’Lilah. Screenshot/Instagram

*Webbies, Social Heat, is about to hit the folks in the overflow. Kim Porter’s spirit would be full watching how Quincy dotes on his young twin sisters, Jessie and D’Lilah. One fan noted, “Serious talk here – You are literally one of the only celebrities in this generation who is authentic and true to who they really are. Your posts, stories, captions, lives etc… Give us an insight to how humble and grounded you are. Fame hasn’t taken away your humanity ???? … I pray you stay this way Qing!” Q, you’re gonna be a great poppa one day!

TikTok user Starla Soloway showed her colonizer tail by throwing her middle finger at Black women. She thought she could culture vulture her way into getting braids in her hair even though viewers warned her against doing so. Well, those who don’t listen, will feel just like little Goldilocks here, who faced the consequences when Starla took out her braids and hair matted like a bird’s nest. As a result, she had to do the big chop. Webbies, ever feel when the punishment fits the crime, and rather than add your two cents, you decide to bask in the justice of it all? Check out the video below.

Talk Show host Sherri Shepherd hit the picket line to protest with her fellow SAG actors, Viola Davis, Niecy Nash, Kellee Stewart, Aisha Hinds, Gina and Reggie Bythewood. She captioned the video with a monologue of a caption, “My @sagaftra residuals have paid for healthcare & therapy to care for my son who is on The Autism Spectrum. When Jeffrey was born prematurely at 5 mos, it was hundreds of thousands of dollars taken care of by #SagAftra … I have worked as an #actress most of my life and thankful for the blessings of work but there were many years I did not book an audition and my residuals from previous projects kept the lights on. Actors & writers are now fighting against a corporate regime who literallly wishes us to be replaced by AI. They refuse to negotiate in good faith & want to see us broken and not be paid fair wages for our hard work. This is unacceptable. And this is what my fellow @wga colleagues and actors are fighting for.” Get ya’ money.

Social media influencers Fandly and Enese made a skit about when a woman is behind the wheel of a car and hits a curb. Lissen, hubby will be alright; it’s nothing a little massage won’t fix.

Get the visuals below.


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