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Omarion Unveils New Music & Dishes on His Polyamorous Love Life, Independence, and Spirituality | EUR Exclusive! WATCH

*In a candid and insightful interview with TV and Radio personality Jazmyn Summers, multi-platinum award-winning R&B artist Omarion, opens up about his latest musical venture, Full Circle Sonic Book Two, and delves into the profound influences that shape his legacy and inspire his work.


Omarion says that Full Circle Sonic Book Two, a follow-up to Full Circle Sonic Book One released earlier this year reflects a sense of liberation as he embraces his role as an independent artist.

“This is monumental for me. I’ve always been under the guise of due dates and record companies, and now that I’m independent, I’m able to create the volume that I want. This is my first year putting out 2 projects in one year. ”

Sonic Book Two, set to drop on December 15th, promises to deliver hits and capture the soulful essence that Omarion feels is often lacking in contemporary music.

“Vibes all around. When I’m listening to the radio I’m hearing what people are listening to, I feel that a lot of what is lacking is that soulful feel, the music that creates memories,” he observes. “So Sonic Book Two is all about that. We’re talking good vibrations, I want to provide those mid-tempo hits, those ballads that make you feel something.”

In other words, “the baby making songs,” he jokes.


Reflecting on his legacy and the impact of B2K, the heartthrob expresses gratitude for the unique experience of being part of a boy band.

“It’s amazing to have such a beautiful start, especially with there still being no other boy bands out there that have been able to reach the height and influence that we have. Michael Jackson, Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake came out of the band. It’s something special when you learn how to share the stage with others.”

B2K - Getty
BEVERLY HILLS, CA – FEBRUARY 8: B2K arrives at the second annual Artists Grammy brunch on February 8, 2004 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Giulio Marcocchi/Getty Images)

His dedication to crafting music that stands the test of time is deeply rooted in his passion for the R&B genre.

“As an R&B singer, you gotta love love. It’s always been my position since I came out. Even as a young man, we was talking about that thing, giving people access to the love languages” he reflects. “Music brings all different types of cultures and perspectives, and as a contributor, I want to keep that message of love coming. .”


Omarion left the record labels behind due to a lack of ownership of his own music.

“It’s tough because you have to go up against the record companies that have relationships with all the outlets,” he tells Jaz. “You’re going up against major artists, and you have to find your space which isn’t easy. Despite the challenges, I can now appreciate all of the hard work and the fruits of my own labor, I get to maintain a sense of ownership,” he explains. ” Being independent, YOU have to take responsibility for the work that you put out because just like intentions, the universe hears it and it rewards you.”

Omarion - Getty
Omarion – (Paras Griffin/Getty Images)


Omarion is no stranger to internet buzz about his love life, being hit by trolls, social media rumors, and misinformation

“It’s frustrating,” he shares. “There’s an artist Omarion and then there’s the other Omarion. And to be able to protect my family and educate my children on maybe some of the things that are clickbait, is difficult. We live in a time where the salaciousness of interviews is what people are downloading into every day and it can hurt your family. Being a young OG, ,I know that you gotta be like, hey, hold on now we don’t want to talk about that, ‘I’ll pass on that question sir. You’ve got to find the balance between public image and personal well-being.”

Omarion and Apryl Jones
Omarion and Apryl Jones

On “Love and Hip Hop” he had to put parts of his life on display. “It was tough because it’s all about the drama,” he reveals. “It’s all about the BS. You have to have a storyline. And that’s what a lot of people don’t understand about reality TV is it’s not reality at all. At that particular time, it was hard for my audience to allow me to grow up. I was trying to display myself more in a family-oriented space, becoming a father. I’m not little Omarion. I’m a grown man. Now let me show you these layers. For my two seasons. I felt like I did my best to not get any blemishes on my own but when you’re around dirty folks and they bump up against you, you get dirty too. A lot of people don’t understand, you might shoot the season in February and then it doesn’t come out until the end of the year, so some of those traumatic moments you’re forced to relive with the rest of the public, I’ll never forget running into people, just on a normal day and they’ll be like so what are you doing about that situation? I’m like just watch the show. That happened months ago.”


In a powerful revelation, Omarion discusses his experience with polyamory and the journey that influenced his choice not to be monogamous.

“I grew up in a female tribe: my grandma, my auntie, and my mom. That’s who raised me. I come up in the lioness pride. Even though me and my father have a great relationship now, he wasn’t always around. So I learned everything from a woman. I have a great deal of respect for women, to the point where I’m going to be honest about where I’m at. I got a lot of love to give. I got enough for two, baby. Three or four. No, seriously I really do love women. I love their essence. And when we can really get together and play our perspective roles, it’s magical. I like the big P (polyamory) because the way the women come together in that culture is just really beautiful. And it’s not always sexual. It’s like a sisterhood”

Omarion performs during The Millennium Tour 2021 at State Farm Arena on October 16, 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

“I found myself, asking the question, do I want to be with one woman for the rest of my life? And if you ask most men that if they say yes, they lied. And then if you ask certain women that, look, this is the menu right here: you only get one choice for the rest of your life, they’ll be like ‘Well, let me experience other people. Let me get an apple. Can I get an appetizer, a dessert?’ Nine times out of 10. If you’re out here dating, then you’re already polyamorous. Because you probably got multiple side situations.”

Could he ever see himself with just one woman?

“There’s a lot of men out there that just love one woman,” he says. “So I think that’s very possible. I haven’t met her yet. “

Ladies if you’re planning to slide in O’s DMS, Omarion likes women who have “Intelligence, self-confidence, great communication, a family foundation, and a sense of community.”

What do you think? Could you be involved in a polyamorous relationship?


Detailing a three-year period of celibacy during a spiritual exploration, Omarion discussed the discipline it brought to his life. “It was about creating discipline for myself and being able to be in control of both of my heads,” he explained.

Omarion says he was influenced by various religious experiences, “I have to shout out my Nana, rest in power. She really exposed me to spirituality in many ways that really supported my journey. When I was younger, I grew up Christian and Baptist, we would go to my auntie’s church Fruit of the Divine. I was playing drums, keys and singing in there. That’s how I came up. And then my mom, used to date a dude who was Seventh-Day Adventist. I was studying at one time, Jehovah’s Witness. So I’ve been through a lot of different experiences spiritually. The thing that I love about spirituality, different from religion is that spirituality makes you turn inward. It focuses on you.”

Omarion attends the BMF Season 2 Los Angeles Premiere Event on January 05, 2023, in Los Angeles, California. – (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for STARZ)

“I was very young at the time that I was celibate” he divulges. “A lot of people probably thought it was weird. because I was on top of the world then, groupies everywhere. But for me, it was about creating discipline. It was about being able to be in control of both of my heads.”

“When we were in the group. They used to tell us these horror stories of women and certain artists and they would have sensual and casual sex and, after they’re done. I know you heard about the Turkey baster situation. They told me that when I was 15 years old and I was like I need to watch out for this. “

Omarion reveals that after three years he stopped: “My third year, I was longing for that connectivity with a woman again. The sexual energy was swirling and I was like, yo, let’s go. I need to make some love today and I need somebody to love me back. I need somebody to care about my body. It actually was very cool and easy with this wonderful young lady. I appreciate it. She knows who she is. She was very patient with me.”


Omarion created a successful tour that paid tribute to the millennium era bringing back B2K which stood for Boys of the New Millenium, with Mario, Pretty Ricky, Lloyd, Bobby V, Ying Yang Twins, and Chingy as opening acts. The last one was two years ago, and he doesn’t see any more on the horizon but …

“I’m so grateful for everyone that came to the Millennium Tour because it was spreading nostalgia, on the whole planet,” Omarion reminisces. “But for me, I’m not just staying in that place. We want to create some new memories now.”

Omarion - Instagram screenshot
Omarion – Instagram screenshot

And what are some of the new memories unfolding?

“It’s the Omarion universe. Y’all gonna see me on TV, new album, new book. We going on tour in February. I just sold my first TV show about polyamory called ‘Involved’ on All Black TV. “

In the evolving tapestry of Omarion’s life and career, the threads of love, art, spirituality, and self-discovery intertwine to create a narrative that goes beyond the music. And as fans eagerly anticipate the release of Full Circle Sonic Book Two and the unfolding chapters of Omarion’s multifaceted career, the artist leaves them with a promise of great storytelling and a universe filled with love, growth, and soulful vibrations.

You can catch the full conversation in the video immediately above. Photo and video credits Melissa Stoll IG @Melissa Nyomi

Jazmyn Summers - Instagram
Jazmyn Summers – Instagram

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