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Ma$e Ethers Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs in Resurfaced Concert Video – Tracy Morgan Discovers He’s Related to Nas + More | PicVIDEOs

Sean Combs and Mase
NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 27: Mase and Sean Combs perform at the “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: The Bad Boy Story” Premiere at the Beacon Theatre on April 27, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival)

*A resurfacing video of Ma$e coming for Diddy‘s neck started trending on social media. Ma$e shot off some salient bullet points locked and loaded during his hip-hop monologue directed at Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. The former Bad Boy artist, government name Mason Durell Betha, who often moonlights as a minister, made sure Diddy not only got a direct hit with his lyrical diatribe but also ate the strays. One person responded with shock, “damn he told us diddy entire personality & scheme in one song.. this gone get to millions of views after what just transpired with cassie, just wait.. it shouldn’t even be this low in views.” During his concert in Atlantic City, Ma$e performed Oracle 2and dropped the line “I’m haunted by the ghost of St. James, champagne king” causing one fan to inquire, “wanna know what Mase saw while in Harlem at the hotel that day that made him get outta the game asap and changed his life!” He also pointed out during his set, “God gave you daughters for what you did to Kim Porter!!” which made fans wonder why the police have not further investigated her untimely passing. Ma$e also admonished Diddy for not paying the mother of Biggie Smalls when he spat the line, “You just a ni–a who know how to market death, Go pay his momma what he’s really worth, ni–a.” Man, if what is done in the dark comes to light was a moment, this the one. Watching the destruction of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ legacy is not enjoyable, and no one should rejoice at his downfall. However, it serves as a lesson to do right by people in this life. We pray that Sean seeks solace in the Most High and turns his life around. *The entertainment industry is a scary, dark place and everyone should proceed with caution if deciding to pursue a career there. 

Victoria Monét and Teyana Taylor had a time at the Doo Wop event the 2023 Art Basel. However, fans weren’t vibing with TT invading Victoria‘s space as she performed. ” 😭 I get she’s trying to be supportive but sissy this wasn’t the time. Hopefully she’ll recognize that in the future 🥹,” said one person. Another observer chastised how TT was throwing her tail feather back on Victoria, “She can never attend an event without Tossing her aszzz on another woman.” Fans wanted Victoria to have her moment and believed Teyana attempted to steal her shine, “I thought LiL Mama learned her lesson 😂. That’s all ego.. Yes we like you but they brought me out to sing.. She the Bestfriend that thinks everything is about her 😂😂.” Webbies, let us know what you think below.

Social media influencer Galen J. Williams invoked the vocal stylings of the late great Dr. Maya Angelou and recited Victoria Monét‘s hit “On My Mama.” One of his followers posted, “Ms. Angelou would be so proud! 👏🏾 I typed Maya at first and deleted it because I remember how she gathered that one little girl in that talk show clip. 🤭 Another concurred, “The precision in your tone, cadence, and phrasing is astounding. Such a beautiful way to pay homage to our great Dr. Angelou! I look forward to each and every one of these 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾.” Mother Angelou would be honored, no doubt.

Tracy Morgan made a surprising discovery, which he shared on the Connect The Dots podcast. The 55-year-old comedian/actor found out that rapper Nas, government name Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, “go back like spinal cords and car seats,” and learned the Queensbridge hip hop legend is his third cousin. “Me and Nas is third cousins on my mother’s side,” Tracy said. “Me and Esco always been tight before that. I did a show years ago on Comedy Central, a special called One Mic. That was for Nas’ mom who had just passed away. I named my special One Mic.” He added, “So me and Esco always been tight but then when I found out on the Westside Highway, after I did the show, I called him up and I said “Yo Esco,” he said ‘what up Trey?’ I said, ‘Guess what?.’ He said, ‘What?’ I said, ‘I just did Find My Roots, me and you related.’ He started crying, I started crying and I said to him, ‘If you ever need me, I’m there cuz.’ He said, ‘Cuz, if you ever need me I’m there.’” We love and appreciate this story.

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