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Jada Pinkett Smith Admits She’s Been Separated From Will Smith Since 2016! – Fans Dismayed Over Floyd Mayweather’s Support of Israel + More | PicVIDEOs

Jada Pinkett Smith (Matt Winkelmeyer-Getty Images)
Jada Pinkett Smith (Matt Winkelmeyer-Getty Images)

*Jada Pinkett Smith admitted on the “Today Show” with Hoda Kotb that she and her husband Oscar, winner Will Smith, have lived separately since 2016. The “Girls Trip” actress revealed the truth bomb in her new memoir “Worthy.” According to the Hollywood Reporter, she explained to Hoda that the couple isn’t seeking to make their separation legal by divorcing. One commentator @farrahgray_ questioned, “Am I the only one wondering why WILL SMITH was willing to risk it all by slapping Chris Rock on TV for someone he has been separated from for years???” Separation doesn’t mean they stopped loving each other. Another person @danikaberry added, “It’s a lot of couples just like this on social media, still taking pics in Christmas PJ’s. Saving their family image for strangers, but ESTRANGED. ????” To watch the full interview, click here.

Kayla Nicole took some time to respond to the hate she’s received from Taylor Swift‘s fans who support their idol for dating Kayla’s ex-Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs tight end. “Dear Black girl, they may call you a traitor for falling in love,” she started off in the clip. “You’ll hope the ones closest will protect you, but you will quickly find out that people don’t protect what they don’t value.” She continued, “They’ll say you’re too much, too provocative, too boisterous, too outspoken, and in the same breath, tell you that you aren’t enough,” she continued. “They’ll say you deserve the backlash and embarrassment. Because of your Blackness, you should have known better. They’ll even try to tie your value to your net worth. But Black girl, please remember your value lies elsewhere. Your value is deep within your heart.” Kayla encouraged her followers not to engage with the vitriol hurled her way and instead advised, “Preserve your heart, even when they try to quantify your character and test your boundaries, you do not have to engage,” she said. “You do not have to respond because there is power in your silence.” She concluded the video by owning her narrative, “When you feel like nobody knows or understands what it takes to be you, remember that you are a part of something way bigger,” she said. “Most importantly, I want you to remember that you are loved. You are valued. You are allowed to take up space. You deserve protection and your feelings—they matter too.” Considering Taylor‘s dating history, this relationship will probably end with the Grammy winner penning some breakup song about their brief love affair. We don’t know why the Swifties are so tight; Kayla and Travis broke up and moved on; chill, you toothless zealots.

Social media influencer and attorney @iamlegallyhype broke down the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Islamist political and military organization Hamas, which “governs the Gaza Strip of Palestinian territories,” launched an attack against Israel on October 7, 6:30 a.m. in Israel. Webbies, while she gives a skeletal explanation of the conflict, please read different perspectives on the dispute to understand this Middle East issue fully.

Floyd Mayweather posted on his IG that he intends to send supplies, food, and bullet-proof vests to the Israeli Defense Force soldiers via his private jet, Air Mayweather, to Israel after the nation suffered attacks from Hamas. Fans, however, are not pleased with Floyd’s altruism, “Don’t blame him guys he can’t read that’s why he just assumed Israel was right but if someone could take the time out their day and teach him how to read so he could actually be educated on the situation maybe then he will actually send aid to the real victims The Palestinians!!!! My people!” said @arabmontana91. Another added, “Helping other countries meanwhile our country is bs is crazy ????.” One disgruntled observer quoted the late 2Pac, “Got money for wars but can’t feed the poor.” Our hearts go out to the victims on both sides, and we pray for an expedient resolution.

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