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Erica Mena Fired from ‘Love & Hip Hop’ for Calling Spice ‘Monkey’ – Boosie Beefs Online w/Daughter Toriana Hatch + More | PicsVIDEOs

Erica Mena - GettyImages
Erica Mena – GettyImages

*Webbies, Social Heat, stays in the mix. Erica Mena, real name Erica Mena Samuels, got the boot from “Love & Hip Hop” for calling her co-star Spice (government name: Grace Latoya Hamilton), a “monkey,” a racial slur. Social media understood Spice may have crossed the line by telling the former model that her son hates her, but nothing warrants Erica going to a Plan A of attack and using racism as her defense. According to viewers, Erica has a history of calling Black women monkeys, and considering she has children by Safaree, they too will likely face the same racism their mother spews.

Check out the video of Granny ringing her own doorbell to get her friend off the phone. We have to thank the elders for keeping us hip to the game, LOL!

2023 keeps getting curiouser and curiouser Dr. Umar Johnson and sexually provocative rapper Sukihana linked up. What is going on here?! Fans of both feeling the vibe between the two and weighed in, “Why is this cute as hell tho ???????????? I need her to change her life / branding because I know she wants to show more of herself besides the good cewchie!! I want moreeee for herrrr.” Another commented, “so do I!!!! Of all the pu–y rappers, something about her seems above it. Like if she directed her energy in a different direction, she could inspire some folks. I have always felt that about her….” One thing about Dr. Umar he’s not happy with the hypersexualization of Black women but he knows how to upgrade rather than degrade when he seeks to encourage them to do better. “An intellectually honest conversation between them would be really interesting to watch because he won’t try to embarrass her, but he’ll still hold her accountable and not allow her to use her usual “feminist” pro-heaux talking points to dismiss criticism,” said one woman. One guy humorously warned the doctor with his famous catchphrase, “MY BROTHER YOU MUST STAY FOCUSED!!!!!!!” Our ears are burning to know what Sukihana and Dr. U spoke about.

Boosie (government name: Torrence Ivy Hatch Jr.), is beefing with his daughter Toriana Hatch, who went viral nine years ago for being excited when he came home from prison. Toriana played audio from a phone call of Boosie arguing with her mother. She says how her father was the first man to break her heart and how he wasn’t always supportive. We once read a quote-paraphrasing, “Men will treat their children based on how they feel about the mother.” We hope this family finds peace, smh.

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