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Why Did Spice Do A Maternity Shoot if She’s NOT Pregnant? | WATCH

Spice (fake pregnancy) - Twitter

*Spice, who currently stars on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” and is also known as the Queen of Dancehall, broke the internet recently with a maternity shoot in her signature blue color, which left most people thinking she was about to have her third child. However, Spice clarified that her maternity shoot represents her REBIRTH […]

Spice Says You’re Having Sex With A Sex Demon When You Masturbate | WATCH

Spice / Getty

*Dancehall queen Spice is not a fan of flicking the bean. In a recent interview, the Grammy-nominated singer had a sit-down with the hosts of Angela Yee’s “Lip Service” podcast. In the discussion, she was asked by Angela whether masturbating was a “taboo” for her while she was growing up in Jamaica. The Caribbean decided […]

Spice Shocker! (‘L&HH:ATL’) Dancehall Singer Goes from Black to White – LOOK!!

*OK, let’s cut to the chase. There is definitely something different about “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Spice. It’s quite obvious isn’t it? The Jamaican born and ATL based dancehall singer posted a shocking image of herself with straight up white skin Monday along with a message about her new mixtape. But hell, who […]

Rat Poison Infused Fake Marijuana Kills 3; Causes Over 100 to be Sick

[videowaywire video_id=”19E4BA542C248F35″] Good Lord! Here’s a crazy story you need to be aware of. The Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is alerting medical authorities and doctors nationwide about synthetic marijuana (also known as “Spice”) laced with rat poison after three people were killed in Illinois and more than a 100, including a few in […]