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Cops Beat Innocent Black Man At Applebee’s and Manager Gets Fired – Folding Chair Slammer in Montgomery Mele Arrested + More | PicsVideos

Cops Beat Innocent Black Man At Applebee’s and Manager, Jennifer Harris, Gets Fired - screenshot
Jennifer Harris and attorney – screenshot

*It’s Social Heat time. Earlier we posted the awful news of Kenosha, Wisconsin cops pummeling and arresting an innocent Black man holding a baby at an Applebee’s and then finding out he was wrongfully identified as the suspect involved in a hit-and-run while the actual perps were hiding in the restaurant’s bathroom. Well now, check this out. The manager of the restaurant has been fired after videos of the incident began circulating online. The manager, Jennifer Harris, says she was wrongfully terminated on August 7: “They told me they can’t trust me and that I didn’t just ruin this Applebee’s name, I ruined all the Applebee’s in Wisconsin’s name by letting these videos get out. I’m not the one who recorded the videos nor let them out on the internet, so I don’t understand. My employees are trying to get the right story out, so how did we ruin the name of Applebee’s?” –  Harris noted that she had dedicated more than a decade to the restaurant chain, going from server to manager in that time and that she’s currently without a job while her fiancé is in the hospital and her 11-year-old is about to begin school soon. She also revealed that two employees also quit due to her firing. She went on to say, “They had the opportunity to do the right thing also and support this family and they chose to support the other side and care about how they look in the situation.” Let us know how you feel about this, below

Well, if you haven’t heard, a fifth suspect in the Montgomery Melee has been arrested nearly a week after the incident went viral. According to wsfa12, Montgomery police said Reggie Ray, has turned himself in. His surrender came days after law enforcement requested he come forward. Ray is the alleged man seen on video hitting people with a folding chair. He’s being held in the Montgomery Municipal Jail on a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge

Oprah Winfrey, who owns property in Maui, Hawaii, was spotted lending a helping hand to those affected by the devastating wildfires on the island. As a part-time resident for over 15 years, Oprah clearly understands the importance of community support during times of crisis. Oprah personally distributed much-needed supplies to evacuees at a shelter, including pillows, shampoo, diapers, and sheets, which she purchased from Walmart and Costco. Oprah’s involvement in the relief efforts in Maui has resonated with residents who have been urging other billionaires and celebrities who own homes on the island to step up and support the community. So far, Oprah owns about 1,000 acres of land on Maui, she has not commented on the status of her properties during the wildfires.

Jay Z’s 40/40 Club – after 2 decades – is no more. Well, at least it’s original has shut down. The club closed its doors at the end of July and plans to reopen at a new location sometime next year. Since its opening in 2003, the 40/40 Club has hosted numerous high-profile celebrity events. NBA superstar LeBron James has frequented the club multiple times. In 2012, the venue went under a $10 million renovation which took over a year to complete. It was intended to make it more competitive with the newer clubs in downtown Manhattan at the time. Over its lifetime, the 40/40 Club grew into a small chain of bars and restaurants throughout the country. In addition to the primary venue, the club also had locations in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Atlanta, and at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The Las Vegas location closed in 2008, just one year after opening, and its Atlantic City club closed down in 2013. On top of the closings, the NYC operation had its share of issues throughout the years. Shortly before the 2012 renovations, rumors surfaced that the Manhattan location did not meet New York labor standards. They were also shut down for health code violations during that same time. That same year, they were sued by a former chef for $1.5 million.

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