Thursday, June 13, 2024

Christian Keyes Reveals He’s Being Sexually Harassed by A ‘Powerful Man’ in Hollywood – Social Media Speculates | WATCH

*Good Lord! Actor Christian Keyes is going through something deep. We mean really deep and dark. It’s got him so emotionally tied up that he had to stop and share what’s on his mind via an Instagram Live session Friday night.

Without naming names, Keyes said a very powerful entertainment figure sexually harassed him and he has proof.  During his lengthy IG Live session, which has gone beyond viral, Keyes says he has been sexually harassed for years and even sexually assaulted by this “powerful man.”

“This person was sexually harassing me for years,” said Keyes, explaining that the “powerful man” in question claimed and bragged about having “multiple young Black men” on the payroll. “And they just had to show up when he requested them to be there,” Keyes said. “Clearly that’s why it felt to him that it was OK to say these things.”

The actor who starred in Tyler Perry’s “All the Queen’s Men” said, “I’ve done my best to forgive this person, but it happens. It happens. It’s not just women that have to deal with it. It’s also men sometimes.”

Christian Keyes - Getty
Christian Keyes – Getty

\Needless to say, the reaction to Christian Keyes’ incredible revelation is off the charts on social media. Check out some responses (and the speculations as to who this powerful person is) below.

Only time will tell if Christian Keyes will later disclose who it is. In the meantime, WHO do you think is this “powerful man” is referring to?

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