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NBA Legend Allan Houston Visits Howard University – Introduces His FISLL Clothing Line | WATCH

*Harmony Bailey, media manager of the Howard University basketball team, recently interviewed NBA legend Allan Houston during his homecoming visit. Among the things they talked about was his clothing line called FISLL, which was featured in the homecoming fashion show, and what it meant to Houston to see Howard students wearing his new clothing line.

Houston emphasized that FISLL (pronounced fizzle) is an acronym for faith, integrity, sacrifice, leadership, and legacy, and the mission of his brand is to really promote these values.

Houston went on to explain that homecoming week is fun at any school, but just to be at a Howard homecoming is really something special and a chance to really see what the school is really about, and just seeing people come together and show how Howard is special?

Houston also talks about Howard basketball and the great job Coach Kenneth Blakeney did with the team, bringing home a MEAC championship last season because Howard University last won a championship back in 1992.

Alan Houston - FISLL (Instagram)
Allan Houston – FISLL (Instagram)

Houston said the team now knows what it takes to build a winning culture and that he was impressed with their character and their level of attention to the bigger picture in life, and that’s what colleges are about.

Houston emphasized that now that the team has experienced recent success, they will have a target on their back, and he thinks the team knows how hard it was to get to the championship level, and now that they know what it takes, they will not want the feeling of going substandard anymore.

In conclusion, Houston said how happy he was to continue his partnership with Howard University—not to just be there for a fashion show or walk around campus, but to really get to visit and hear from the hearts of the students.

That’s what really makes him satisfied with having seven children of his own, and with his FISLL brand’s identity, he really wants to empower the youth to give them a pathway and to help them see what’s possible and have values, faith, and character that they can really stand on to give them success, not just for him to see it from a distance, but to get to experience it and grateful that Howard University can partner with his company to do that.

Watch the interview at the top of the page.

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