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Aaron Hall Drama Expands to Uncle Luke with Gloria Velez’s Grooming Allegations | WATCH

*Aaron Hall’s dark cloud of controversy has expanded with new allegations against him from former video vixen turned podcaster Gloria Velez.

Velez is accusing Hall and Miami-based rap legend Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell of preying on underage girls in the ’90s. Velez goes on to say she was a victim of grooming from the entertainers, according to a report from theJasmineBrand.

”If you don’t think Grooming Is happening in this business Your sadly mistaken It started in 1994 With Luke and a few others in this business. I was in high school,” Velez wrote in a post discussing the allegations on social media.

Putting weight behind her claims, Velez shared a picture of her school ID, noting how she looks “like a baby.”

Gloria Velez (X/Twitter)
Gloria Velez (X/Twitter)


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“South Florida 1993/1994 Teen clubs Where the pedophilia men scouted & groomed (It was their playground),” Velez continued in another post.

The Instagram stories Velez shared struck a nerve with women. The mother of one posted responses she received from other women who allegedly experienced what she went through.

Velez’s comments about Hall and Campbell come days after news broke of a sexual assault lawsuit involving Hall. Media sources report the suit stemmed from an incident that allegedly happened around the same time. Hall and rap mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs are accused of taking turns raping a woman they met at an industry party and her friend.

Once news of the woman’s lawsuit generated headlines, footage of an old VladTV interview with Hall resurfaced. In the interview, the former Guy vocalist discussed meeting Velez while countering the host’s claim that Campbell previously took credit for introducing him and Velez.

As the episode progressed, Hall confessed to having sex with Velez as a minor because he did not know she was “a puppy.” According to The Jasmine Brand, the pair were an item when Velez was only 16. A year later, she gave birth to their son.

Luther Uncle Luke Campbell - (Getty)
Luther ‘Uncle Luke’ Campbell – (Getty)

Despite Hall being quiet about Velez’s allegations against him, Campbell is doing the opposite by bringing his feelings about the situation to social media. The 62-year-old “Scarred” party starter denied the allegations, claiming he did not know what the term “grooming” meant.

Relating to the issue at the heart of Velez’s situation, The Jasmine Brand cited the definition of “grooming” as: “when someone builds a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so they can manipulate, exploit and abuse them.”

“I just learned what the f**k grooming mean. I don’t even know what the f*ck grooming mean…they had to explain that s**t to me. Y’all got the right one. I don’t have no problem going to court…I’m not Russell Simmons…I don’t do that,” Campbell responded to Velez’s claims via X (formerly known as Twitter). “The problem is when you know your brand and you know what you’re singing about, you subject yourself to be in that kind of trap faster. So what you have to do is really not be about what those songs is talking about cause you can get yourself jammed up,”

Expanding his denial, Campbell argued his innocence, saying he has never worked with anyone underage. The “It’s Your Birthday” rhymester claimed the following:

– Everyone who he does business with signs a release.
– He “videos everything,”
– He always has a head dancer in charge to keep watch over the young women.
– He is prone to firing staff who “mess around” with other artists, adding that he is not running a “traveling wh*re house.”

At this time, no further comments regarding Velez’s claims have been made by Hall or Campbell.

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