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WATCH 50 Cent Throw Mic Into Crowd and Hit Power106 Host (Oop!) – Coco Gauff’s Opponent Laura Siegemund BooHoos During Press Conference | PicsVIDEOs

50 Cent - GettyImages
50 Cent – GettyImages

*Webbies, Social Heat is suited and booted, tap in. In a severe lapse of judgment, rapper 50 Cent made an expensive mistake and threw his microphone when performing in Los Angeles, hitting a Power 106 host, Bryhana Monegain, causing a gnarly gash in her forehead. Can you say LAWSUIT?! One person posted, “Why would he do that, that could’ve really hurt somebody if it hit them in the head or eye. She needs to sue him. Nobody even be listening to his music nowadays for him to be acting like this sir you too old.” Run that lady her Starz coins because Curtis James Jackson III, you were out of order and your big age.

Laura Natalie Siegemund, the German professional tennis player who attempted to sabotage Coco Gauff during their match because she couldn’t compete at Coco’s level, decided to use her White woman tears to gain sympathy from the press even though she violated the game’s rules. Accountability is like kryptonite to people like her. Girl, go head-on, smh.

Method Man turned up the swexy for the cover of Cassius. Of course, his lady fans were beside themselves in the comment section, drooling over his pics. One user kept their comments tasteful by posting, “It’s a breathtaking @alexandermcqueen suit if you want to see it in better lighting scroll down their page. It’s not a flower, it’s not a skirt, it’s not really that tight, he just has a lot of muscle mass to fill it out!” However, the men weren’t feeling Meth’s get-up, “Who tf styled him? Dis dat euro bull sh** mfs put in da game. ????????‍♂️” Check it out below and weigh in.

Victoria’s Secret Pink’s camera caught Chlöe and Halle Bailey cocky fresh as they posed for the brand’s latest drop, The Chlöe X Halle Collection. One of the captions reads, “The key to having the perfect outfit is wearing it with confidence, Chlöe x Halle get it. “This collection was inspired not only by our daily wardrobe but what makes us feel our best, feeling sexy and comfortable at the same time.” – Chlöe.

The visuals? Scroll down to get ’em!


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