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Horror in Texas! Twins Were Handcuffed by Abusive Mother – Forced to Eat Feces and Drink Urine!! | VIDEO

*According to the Daily Mail, abused 16-year-old twins escaped from their abusive mother,  40-year-old Zaikiya Duncan, and her boyfriend, 27-year-old Jova Terrell.

They were handcuffed and forced to drink their own urine and eat their own feces while being handcuffed at their $600,000 Texas house. There’s Ring footage of the escaped twins knocking on people’s doors begging for help.

After 30 minutes of knocking on neighbors’ doors begging for help, one woman decided to let the twins inside of her home.

The woman who called the police for the abused twins made the following statements below to KHOU, “The boy wasn’t wearing a shirt and both of the siblings were barefoot. The kids told police their mother and her boyfriend had left them in a room and forced them to eat and drink their own waste, refusing to let them use the toilet.”

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Zaikiya Duncan house of horrors - screenshot
Zaikiya Duncan house of horrors – screenshot

“They would only feed them a sandwich, only if they were quiet the whole day, if they made any type of noise they wouldn’t be fed. How a mother could do this to her kids and… I feel like my tears are out of frustration anger and sadness. They were so skinny and so frail. They just looked like they had been through a lot. They told me that their mom kept them locked in the laundry room, naked, zip tied from the ankles and handcuffed from the wrist.”

Luckily, Louisiana State Police quickly tracked down the mother and her boyfriend at a traffic stop in Baton Rouge. They were extradited back to Houston and charged with injury to a child.

At least five other siblings, ages ranging from 7 to 14, were also rescued.

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