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‘Raising Kanan’s’ Patina Miller & MeKai Curtis On S2 Conflicts in the Family Business | EUR Exclusive WATCH

Patina Miller as Roq and MeKai Curtis as Kanan
photo via STARZ Patina Miller as Roq and MeKai Curtis as Kanan

*Season two of the hit STARZ series “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” takes us back to early ’90s Queens, where we follow the origin story of Kanan Stark (MeKai Curtis) and his family. His mother, Raquel “Raq” Thomas (Patina Miller), has the borough on lock and is now looking to expand her territory to New Jersey. However, her relationship with Kanan is strained following the events in season one.

EURweb talked with series stars Patina Miller and Mekai Curtis about Roq and Kanan’s relationship in season two. Also, we find out if this season we will see more of the ruthless version of Kanan fans got to know in the original “Power” series.

Raq will have to contend with the mafia this season as she moves into their territory in New Jersey. In addition, she also will be working to regain Kanan’s trust. Miller said this season, Raq is much more worried about where her relationship with her son is headed.

“That’s always been sort of the solid, solid spot for her,” Miller explained, “you know, she knew who she was to him. She knows how to navigate that relationship. It’s one that’s been bonded from the very beginning. It’s not easy; Kanan is her Achilles heel. So you watch this mother see her son moving away and try everything she can to get back in there and reestablish that bond and relationship because it’s difficult. And it’s conflicted.”

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Kanan is dealing with a lot of emotional baggage at this time. The audience saw him going through plenty of emotions, learning that sometimes what you want isn’t always what you need. Curtis says we aren’t at the point of the ruthless Kanan viewers first became familiar with, but you will see flashes of it.

“I think both of those statements are true at the same time.” Curtis went further into detail, “That is the story that we’re telling is how this Kanan began in 91. I think the overall arc or theme for Kanan in season two is this teetering act that’s happening. He feels accomplished that he was able to step up, in a way for his family, because his ultimate goal has always been to protect his family and try to establish a legacy. But while also trying to establish that legacy, he realizes that the crown is a little heavier than it seems,” he explained.

“So, throughout the season, you’ll see him grappling with understanding what he did. And trying to figure out who he is after what he’s done in this situation. That’s kind of his overall thing. Just piecing together his life. After going through that first season, learning so many lessons, and figuring out what he really wants to do in this moment, but finding himself in situations where survival kind of has to kick in,” he added.

Episode one of season two of “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” airs on Sunday, August 14. Check out our exclusive interview with Petina and MeKai via the clip below.

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