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RADIOSCOPE REWIND: LL Cool J Explains True Story Behind ‘Jingling Baby’ and More in Classic 1989 Interview | LISTEN

LL Cool J reclined with champagne
QUEENS, NEW YORK–JUNE 20: Rapper LL Cool J appears in a portrait taken on June 20, 1989, in Queens, New York. (Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images/Michael Ochs Archives)

*LL Cool J’s eclectic array of music videos are being suddenly and delightfully revisited this month on social media, thanks to one random tweet.

Fans heeded the call and went down a rabbit hole, either revisiting or discovering all kinds of ridiculousness in LL’s vault.

From the “shark’s fin”…

LL Cool J's Shark Fin move in video for "I'm Bad"
LL Cool J hits the shark’s fin move in music video for “I’m Bad’

…to the “stuck up tuna.”

At some point along this collective trip down memory lane, LL decided to “break his silence” and provide his own two cents on the videos that people were dragging out of the storage bin.

In that spirit, we dusted off this vintage June 1, 1989 Radioscope interview with a 21-year-old James Todd Smith for his third studio album, “Walking With the Panther.”

The braggadocio and gum chewing was on 10, as he spoke with youthful enthusiasm (and with a head cold) about the album’s vibe, working with producer Rick Rubin, his obsession with Kangols, and how the sound of a young lady’s bamboo earrings as they wrapped up a sexual encounter led to one of his biggest hits.

Listen below.

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LL was doing the most in music videos from “Walking With a Panther.”

There was “Mission Impossible LL” in “I’m That Type of Guy.”

There was “Avant Garde LL” in “Goin’ Back to Cali.”

There was “Kid in a Candy Store LL” in “Big Ole Butt.”

And “Running Man LL” in “Jingling Baby.”

Below, LL takes the reins of his own recent impromptu video retrospective on social media to add his own perspective to the ridiculousness.

Watch below:


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