Thursday, September 29, 2022

Carl Weber Shares Creative Inspiration For ‘The Family Business’ & ‘The Black Hamptons’ | EUR Exclusive

*Carl Weber is the New York Times bestselling author and creator of the BET+ family dramas “The Family Business” and “The Black Hamptons.”

EUR talked exclusively with Weber, executive producer Nikaya D. Brown Jones, and director Trey Haley about how they continue developing compelling characters and storylines that keep viewers hooked. Weber shared that 2022 marked his 22nd year writing novels.

“I’ve always kept that type of thing fresh. Some of it comes from me being a comic book fan. I honestly believe that. Because when I used to read comic books, you get to the end of the comic book, and they always give you a hook that you got to buy the next one next month. So that was always my thought process in writing,” Weber explained. “Every chapter has to make you want to read the next chapter, or every scene makes you want to read the next scene and find out what’s happening. And the twists and turns.”

Weber said the Marvel universe is a source of inspiration.

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“You know, as crazy as it sounds. X Men have like  500 additions over 20 years. And they keep making new movies on Spider-Man and Batman and different things. So you must reach the point where you can become imaginative in the same box,” he said.

As an executive producer, Jones Brown noted why the series resonates so well with fans.

“What both shows share is that all these families have loyalty. They are dedicated to one another. They’re fighting for something. Whether that is fighting for love, fighting for ownership, or fighting for survival,” said Brown. “And we just make sure that in telling each story, no matter what the audience, these are multi-generational shows. You know, generational wealth, generational support. So we want the audience to go away feeling like, that’s me, or that’s who I want to be.”

Check out our full conversation with Weber and his creative team via the clip below.

The first four episodes of the new season of “The Family Business” and “The Black Hamptons” are available now exclusively on BET+




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