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90’s Music Video Flashback: Bobby Brown’s Wife is the ‘Rump Shaker’ Girl

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Alicia Etheredge in “Rump Shaker” video

*Some of you are old enough to remember Teddy Riley’s group Wreckx N’ Effect, but what you probably don’t know is that the girl in the “Rump Shaker” music video is none other than Bobby Brown’s wife Alicia Etheredge

Bobby and Alicia wed in 2012 and they share three children. As reported by I Love Old School Music, Alicia also has a twin sister.

“We met many years ago, many years ago,” Bobby previously said about his wife via Access Hollywood: “I believe I was about 18, and we were at a dance place, where people just go and work out their new moves … I met her there, and we became friends, we all hung out. Then I ended up getting married, and after me getting divorced, for some strange reason, I saw her again and sparks flew.”

Alicia was Bobby’s manager before she became his wife. Per ILOSM, in a 2011 People Magazine interview, the artist said Alicia helped him regain “his passion back for music, for loving myself. I’m a better person, so I can be a better partner and father,” Brown said, adding, “She makes me want to live.”

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Bobby Brown & Alicia Etheridge-Brown
Bobby Brown & Alicia Etheridge-Brown

Brown and Alicia opened up about his life and their journey together in A&E’s “Biography: Bobby Brown” series which came out at end of May of this year. Following the biography’s release, A&E also gave the couple a reality TV series, “Bobby Brown: Every Little Step,” about the Brown family.

“A&E came to us and was very open and allowed us to have creative control, which was very important to us, obviously. Doing a show and series like we have and letting them into our homes, we wanted to do and show particular things; obviously, we wanted it to be authentic,” Alicia previously said, as reported by Black Enterprise.

We reported earlier that the Browns run a food line known as “Bobby Brown Foods” and a wellness line. The food line is sold in some stores and online, while the wellness line sells CBD, mushroom, coffee, alkaline salt, fiber generation, and all sorts of self-care products.

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