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‘Ready To Love’ Miami Style! Season 6 Cast Revealed | EURexclusiveWATCH

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*Miami is known for its oceanside activities, nightclubs and a never-ending display of beautiful people. Millions of tourists vacation there every year. But for those who call Miami home, it can be a challenge to find ‘the one’ to settle down with. It can be hard to find Mr/s. Right when Mr/s. Right Now is a constant distraction. 

Twenty Miami residents hope to change all that. They’re the latest cast members on “Ready To Love,” season 6, produced in the Magic City. 

OWN Network hosted a roundtable media interview earlier this week to introduce the cast and for a peek into what cast members are searching for in a significant other. 

Even though each cast member has a social media presence, with followers ranging from 400 ( to 187,000 (, most said if they could get a do-over, the first thing they would change is how they present themselves online. 

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  • Women – 
    • April, 46 – Singer
    • Brandi, 35 – Flight Attendant
    • Dominika, 42 – Program Analyst
    • Jamala, 33 – Sr. Health Consultant
    • Kadian, 34 – Entrepreneur
    • Kayla, 30 – Media Executive
    • ‘Lunie,’ 35 – Realtor
    • Shakyra, 36 – Media Host
    • Shareese, 43 – Esthetician/ Beauty Entrepreneur
    • Tranika, 35 – Growth & Innovation Director


    Men – 

    • Swasey, 33 – Firefighter/Paramedic
    • Calvin, 45 – Contract Manager
    • Devin, 32 – Director of Sales
    • LJ, 33 – Government Risk Compliance Specialist
    • Juwan, 42 – Event Planner
    • Mike, 42 – Entrepreneur/Appliance Repair Co. Owner
    • Randall, 36 – Account Executive/Personal Trainer
    • Sampson, 48 – Life Coach/ Mentor
    • Sean, 38 – Real Estate Developer/Tech Founder
    • ‘Zo,’ 45 – Real Estate Investor

Ready To Love s6 poster

April, 46, said she uses social media to build her brand as a recording artist, but she wishes she would have posted more about other aspects of her life, such as the benefits of her plant-based diet. 

Here’s how other cast members answered questions from the media:

What are some of the most important qualities you require in a man?:

Shareese, 43, is an esthetician. She makes people look their best from head to shoulders for a living. So, it’s no surprise physical appearance is at the top of her list for what she’s looking for in a man. 

For Tryinika, 35, growth and innovation director, a man’s physical appearance is less important. She wants a man with a strong faith in GOD, who’s chivalrous, is family centered and has a good relationship with his parents. Most of all, she said, there must be chemistry between the two.

Shakyra, 36, is a media host. She said she’s looking for Mr. Tall, handsome and fit, adding that he must be spiritual, adventurous and open minded with emotional intelligence. He also must like children. She has a small child.

Lunie, 35, is a realtor. She said her top priority for the man in her life is for him to be a provider.

Has it been more of a challenge to find love in a party city such as Miami?

Kayla, 30, a media executive who moved to Miami from D.C., prefers to date Black men. But she said some Black men in Miami suffer from what she labeled ‘multicultural options syndrome,’ another level of competition she didn’t experience in the DMV.

April said finding love in a place like Miami has made it more challenging, because dating can lack the substance necessary when two people want to connect one-on-one. 

Shareese said dating in Miami never has been a problem for her, yet all the beautiful people there make it hard to find love when you’re out having a good time.

Calvin K. Garvey, 45, moved to Miami from New York. He frequently travels due to his work schedule as a contract manager. He said his first mistake was to compare women he met in Miami to those in cities such as Boston and D.C. He realized they are wired differently, and something more was needed to make a love connection. 

What’s the one thing that would be a deal breaker in a relationship?  

Sampson Daruvalla, 48, is a life coach and mentor. He said being put in a position to constantly compete for the affection of a woman is a deal breaker for him, adding that once he decides on a woman he is ready to move forward without the games.

Juwan, 32, an event planner, said his deal breaker is a woman who is insecure. He said a woman must love herself before he can love her. 

Randall, 42, is an account executive and personal trainer. He said he can’t tolerate women who smoke cigarettes. 

Dominica, a 42 year old program analyst, said having small kids is a deal breaker for her, but someone who is willing to be a caregiver is a must. She suffers with lupus. As a Miami native, Dominica is aware of the tough terrain when it comes to finding love. But she has set a deadline to find her husband by Thanksgiving 2022.

Would you date someone who still lives with their parents? 

Jamala, 33, a senior health consultant, said the cost of living is expensive in Miami. She could understand if living with parents is a means to an end, especially if he’s an entrepreneur. 

Lunie said if it’s a planned situation intended to save money for a future goal, then she could do it.

Juwan said he would date a person who lived with their parents if it’s a step back to move two steps forward. 

Do you date a woman for her potential or based on what she has going on right now? 

Calvin said he has patience to work with a woman who is working on her plan, but he has no patience for procrastination and excuses. 

Andrew, 33, is a firefighter and paramedic. He said his level of patience depends on his intentions: If he is dating a woman for which he has long term intentions, then he critiques everything about her, because her behavior is seen as a reflection of him. But if he’s just dating for fun he is less critical of her behavior or what she posts on social media.

Some cast members revealed the most challenging parts of being a part of this television version of speed dating.

Andrew confessed trying to juggle different personalities and the drama it brings by far was the most difficult part for him.

Devon, 32, director of sales, said it was hard for him to let down his guard, because it takes time (for him) to get to know people and share more than surface level information.

LJ, 33, a government risk compliance specialist, who moonlights as a recording artist, said he put forth a conscious effort to offer more than superficial conversation. 

Event planner Juwan said his laid back personality allowed him to approach dating multiple people at the same time in a more sociable way. 

Nephew Tommy - Ready to Love
Nephew Tommy – Ready to Love

Season 6 production has wrapped, but cast members weren’t allowed to reveal details of the show. Watch the new season premiere with host “Nephew” Tommy Miles on OWN Friday, July 29 at 8/7c.




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