Wednesday, July 6, 2022

FreakyDeaky News: Michael Blackson Says Fiancée Likes to Watch Him Get Busy with Other Women | WATCH

Michael Blackson & Rada - Instagram
Michael Blackson & Rada – Instagram

*Funnyman Michael Blackson has revealed some startling details about his relationship with Rada whom he proposed to 10 months ago. In an interview on the “It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper” podcast, Michael got candid enough to reveal some truths in their relationship that some men would not be comfortable talking about publicly.

One is that he and his fiancée are not uncomfortable getting freaky in the bedroom, even if it means one of them making love to another partner while the other watches. According to Michael, Rada is especially turned on when she watches him have sex with other women.

“My girl is like… Rada is a freak, okay? The thing about it… I mean, early in the relationship she enjoyed watching me sleep with women.” Michael told Raquel. “And in fact, when me and her are having sex, you know what makes her cum? When I tell her what I did with the last person.”

He also said she allows him to sleep with one woman a month while on the road. On his part, he allows her to sleep around as well, but only with women. Ever since the Ghanian-American comedian got engaged to Rada, they have constantly been in the news due to the nature of their relationship.

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Michael proposed to Rada on “The Breakfast Club” after they had been together for some years (watch it here). During the proposal, he got down on one knee. Rada said yes then quickly shouted, “Bye side b******!”

“90% of the side b******, bye-bye.” Michael replied.

What has now come out clearly following the interview with Raquel is that Blackson is not yet done with other women.

Talking to “The Shade”, he said, “Rada is only interested in one penis. She is allowed to have any other woman she wants. Not a man…we don’t need another penis in the relationship.”




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