Saturday, July 2, 2022

Chris Rock Goes in on Amber Heard – He’s Obviously Siding with Johnny Depp

Chris Rock - Amber Heard
Chris Rock – Amber Heard / Getty

*Chris Rock appears to have picked sides in the ongoing court case against Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, having shared his opinion on the matter during a comedy show in London this week. The 57-year-old touched on the exhilarating trial in his set and reportedly told the studio audience to “believe all women except Amber,” clearly indicating that Chris is not supporting the actress as she prepares to face her ex for cross-examination this upcoming week.

According to Daily Mail, Chris’ comments about the mother-of-one stemmed from initially talking about the #MeToo movement, where he urged people to listen to women when they say they’ve been sexually or physically abused — well, except for when it comes to Amber, that is.

“Believe all women, believe all women… except Amber Heard,” he quipped.

“What the f**k is she on? She s**t in his bed! She’s fine but she’s not s******g fine.”

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“She s**t in his bed. Once you s**t in someone’s bed you just guilty of everything. She s**t in his bed. What the f**k is going on there? Wow. And they had a relationship after that. It must be amazing p**** … I’ve been with some crazy b*****s but g**dammit.”

Chris’ joke came following Johnny’s revelation in court last month that despite Amber allegedly defecating on their bed, they were able to work through their marital issues. But it wasn’t long before another physical altercation occurred after that. Amber would go on to file for divorce in 2016, just three days after her ex-husband’s mother had died.

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