Saturday, May 28, 2022

Chopper (MTV’s ‘Making the Band’) Busted for Sex Trafficking

Chopper - mugshot
Chopper – mugshot

*Former MTV “Making The Band” star Chopper has been arrested as the feds accuse him of being a pimp!

According to @tmz_tv, Chopper was arrested earlier this month in Maryland on drug trafficking charges. New legal docs obtained by the news site states that an undercover vice detective in Nevada posed as a sex worker and was talking directly to Chopper on Instagram. Apparently, he messaged them on IG with an apparent offer to make money through prostitution. The undercover cop says they searched Chopper’s IG account and noticed several posts related to prostitution and pimping, including posts where Chopper flaunted wealth and made references to being a pimp.

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Chopper on private plane
Chopper on private plane

He (Chopper) even had one image of him inside a plane with a phone alongside the caption, “Sending em,” with a money bag emoji. During an investigation into Chopper, it was said that he called the undercover cops and bragged about traveling and having 7 homes across the country, including one in Las Vegas. While doing that, he also mentioned to them that Sin City was not a safe place to do business because law enforcement was heavy.

To make matters worse for him, the undercover explained that Chopper became aggressive with them over the phone, and ordered them around sex workers, telling them to pack their belongings, get to the airport and meet him in Charlotte, N.C. to join his “stable.” Chopper verbally forced them to make the trip, getting angry and demanding a $2,000 fee, according to the fed. The undercover says they stalled by telling Chopper they were scared to leave home, but eventually, they nabbed him.

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