Monday, September 26, 2022

‘Beyond the Surface’ with Dorion Renaud & Natalie Manuel Lee | Watch

*Buttah Skin, the organic and cruelty-free skincare brand founded by Dorion Renaud has collaborated with “Now With Natalie’s” creator and host, Natalie Manuel Lee, on a special digital series called “Beyond the Surface.”  The series highlights Black creatives and change-makers in their sphere and examine the stories that have shaped their lives.

EUR correspondent, Tifarah Dixon, sat down with Renaud and Manuel Lee to discuss the importance of highlighting fellow Black creatives, why they chose to focus on inner beauty, mental health, and well-being as main topics. Plus, what it was like to collaborate with each other.

TD: You’re huge on self-care, what do you do to when you need to unwind?

DR: I love alone time, because we’re giving so much. I do have to recharge. And I like to recharge in my own space, whether it’s going to Disneyland by myself or shopping alone! But I also lean into my friends for self-care. I speak honestly with them and talk with them. My self-care routine varies. Some days I might need a glass of wine and a book and some days I might need a walk. So I take my self-care days day by day.

TD: What was the inspiration behind creating “Beyond the Surface?”

NML: The inspiration was an ongoing thing…we knew it was needed for the culture. We felt a need to create something that was purposeful and meaningful for people.[We want people to gleam.]  Me and Dorian felt like we need to feed the people. We both knew we wanted to work together and collaboration.  That’s kind of how “Beyond the Surface” came about.

“Beyond the Surface” is live on Buttah Skin’s website – and available to stream on Instagram @buttahskin and YouTube.




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