Friday, June 21, 2024

Waka Flocka is Ducking Questions About the State of His Marriage

waka flocka & tammy1
WWaka Flocka – Tammy Rivera (IG)

*The celebrity dating rumor mill is positing that Waka Flocka Flame and wife Tammy Rivera have split up.

However, when asked, Waka was evasive. But can you blame him? Because, at the beginning middle and end of the day, it’s really none of our damn business. 

Married for seven years, Waka and Rivera even had a reality TV show on We for two seasons. Maybe that’s why people don’t have any qualms about knowing things they really shouldn’t know about, hmm? 

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Tammy Rivera – Waka Flocka

While not directly answering the question, Waka did give some insight into his current mind state.  

“Quarantine let me know how goddamn lazy I was. Quarantine let me know how complacent I was. Quarantine let me know how selfish I was. Quarantine is the first time in my life were I really discovered myself. It was beyond waking up late. I think if it took quarantine to get your hustle on, you got some reflecting to do on your own, and you got some forgiving to do with yourself to.” 

He said of jump starting his new business venture: “Quarantine made me feel like I did not do enough. This clothing line made me wake up and smell my flowers and not kiss my ass.” He said that these days, “I meditate and pray every day, I rarely smoke weed anymore. My purpose is to save souls and save Earth. I know I sound like a nerd on some off-the-wall s–t.” 

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