Monday, June 17, 2024

HEAR Last Words of Fatal Learjet Crash Pilot: ‘Oh s***, Oh s***, Oh S***!’

*Days after a fatal Learjet crash in San Diego County, audio featuring the last words of the pilot has surfaced.

TMZ detailed the audio, stating that everything appeared normal before the crash. The pilot seems to be relaxed as he speaks to the tower. The business as usual atmosphere is soon disrupted as the panic abruptly sets in.

The pilot is then heard screaming, “Oh s***, Oh s***, Oh S***!” The comments are then followed by a scream, which marked the pilot’s last transmission.

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Plane Crash San Diego - Facebook / James Wall
Plane Crash San Diego – Facebook / James Wall

The newly surfaced audio of the pilot comes after the Learjet crashed on rainy Monday night on its final approach to landing at Gillespie Field in San Diego County.

Upon impact the plane all but disintegrated, leaving a fireball in its wake. All four people on board, whose names have not yet been revealed, were killed.

The cause of the crash, which caused a power outage in the area after the Learjet struck several power lines, has yet to be determined.

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