Monday, June 17, 2024

Bachelorette Keeps it Real About Sage Steele Who Praised Her For NOT Picking A Black Man | WATCH

Rachel Lindsay - Sage Steele
Rachel Lindsay – Sage Steele

*The controversy swirling around the dumpster fire that has been Sage Steele is still burning hot as Rachel Lindsay, who co-hosts the “Higher Learning” podcast with Van Lathan, reveals what the longtime ESPN talking head had some very eye-raising things to say about Lindsay’s choice on ABC’s “Bachelorette” reality show.  

Steele, 48, who is of mixed raced parentage, allegedly said the comments four years ago. 

“I like Sage,” said Lindsay, 36, adding that Steele is “problematic”. 

“She’s a woman of color who had a long career in the media and I’m aspiring to this but then I’m listening to you and the first thing you say to me is how thrilled you are that I didn’t choose Black. And I’m like… who is this woman? Since then, I’ve started to learn more about how problematic she can be.” 

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Lindsay shared a video clip on Twitter. She captioned the video: “Y’all want to hear about the first time I met #SageSteele? #TrueStory.” 

Sage Steele has been outspoken about her conservative views and support of Donald J Trump. Recently she was suspended from Sportscenter over disparaging remarks made about President Barack Obama, the Disney vaccine mandate and more.  

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