Monday, January 24, 2022

The Bail Project Catches Heat After Release of Travis Lang who Then Murdered Man in Bad Drug Deal

The Bail Project
The Bail Project

*Popular “woke” jail bond organization “The Bail Project” is under fire after they contributed to the bond of a man who was later arrested and charged with the murder of a man in a drug deal gone wrong. An Indiana mom is speaking out against the organization because she believes this could’ve been prevented.

Nikki Sterling is the mother of Dylan McGinnis, who was murdered in October after going with a friend to get drugs. At the drug deal, McGinnis, who was not there for drugs only to go with a friend, was sitting in the car when Travis Lang opened fire on him and the female Friend over money. The female was shot in the leg but McGinnis, unfortunately, lost his life.

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Travis Lang - Dylan McGinnis
Travis Lang – Dylan McGinnis

Sterling was shocked to find out that The Bail Project helped free Lang for his previous offenses. Lang was originally arrested for possession of cocaine and three felony charges of breaking and entering but was bailed out with money from The Bail Project and other money raised by his family back in January. The Bail Project has released a statement claiming they aren’t responsible for Lang’s actions.

“The Bail Project – Indianapolis paid a portion of Mr. Lang’s bail nine months ago and his family paid a portion through a bail bonds agent. Mr. Lang has a very supportive family and had no history of violence. The Bail Project – Indianapolis successfully supported him in returning to all of his court dates for his pending cases. It’s important to remember that Mr. Lang is only charged with the current allegations, and it will be up to a judge and jury to determine if those charges have any merit.”

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