Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Imagination Lunchbox Launch Audiobook of Inspiring Creative Non-Fiction ‘More than a Fraction’

Audiobook by Dr. Kerri Moseley Hobbs released.

* Baltimore-based book publisher Imagination Lunchbox, LLC announced the release of the audiobook of the very popular creative nonfiction book “More Than a Fraction: Based on a True Story” by Dr. Kerri Moseley-Hobbs. The audiobook based on the results of her ancestry search that ended on the campus of Virginia Tech University is available at Audible and Amazon websites.

Her creative non-fiction account of her enslaved ancestors’ who lived at the Smithfield plantation in Virginia (campus of Virginia Tech) has been presented as a lecture at several institutions including Virginia Tech. Dr. Moseley-Hobbs’ lectures and presentations are accompanied by a traveling African artifacts exhibit that connects to the inspiring tale of her ancestors’ successful fight/flight for freedom, as well as connections to today’s American culture.

Already filled with creative writing skills that provoke thoughts and imagery, in audio form you can surround yourself with words served up by skilled voice-over actor Tim Tidball wherever you go (jogs, walks, exercises). Hear the documentation of her discovered heritage which led her to a plantation in Blacksburg, Virginia where her ancestors – the Fractions – arrived from West Africa on a ship called the True Blue. The “More Than a Fraction” book was published in print/digital and was originally released in 2017.

The story follows the Fraction brothers Thomas and Othello, who ran away from enslavement at the Solitude plantation to obtain their freedom by joining the Union Army. Thomas’ service during the Civil War resulted in him being promoted to a level 5 sergeant. Both Thomas and his brother Othello have their names engraved on the War Memorial Wall in Washington, DC.

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Author Dr. Kerri Moseley-Hobbs.

Today Dr. Kerri is a member of the Smithfield-Preston Foundation Board of Trustees that oversees the historic estate where the plantation was located – now called the grounds of Virginia Tech University. The Prestons, the original owners of the plantation, were one of the most influential families in Virginia at the time. The last heir to the Smithfield estate when it held enslaved people was William Ballard Preston, a former Virginia State Senator and as U.S. Secretary of the Navy. The Solitude estate, located also on the campus of Virginia Tech next to the Smithfield estate, was owned by Robert Preston – brother of William. Dr. Moseley-Hobbs sits on the Advisory Board that oversees the Solitude estate via Virginia Tech University.

Dr. Hobbs’ ancestors, it was discovered, had a remarkable story to tell. Dr. Hobbs is a direct descendant of Thomas Fraction. Thomas was noted by a local newspaper in Salem, Virginia, where he brought land after the Civil War, as a “well known colored man” when he passed away.

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Dr. Eunice Moseley
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