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Arnelle Simpson, Daughter of OJ, Battled Extreme Hardships After 1995 Murder Trial

OJ Simpson parole hearung
Arnelle Simpson, OJ Simpson Parole hearing in 2017 / Twitter

*Arnelle Simpson, the daughter of O.J. Simpson, once revealed the extreme hardships she faced after her famous father bagged millions during his time as an NFL star. 

As reported by I Love Old School Music, Arnelle spoke out about her journey years after OJ was acquitted of murdering ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman in 1995. In a candid interview with Georgia Newsday, Arnelle told the publication “how difficult it has been for all of the siblings to maintain any sort of stability or job, due to all of the controversy and forever prying eyes into their family.”

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Here’s more from ILOSM:

Soon after the murder of Nicole Brown-Simpson, O.J.’s eldest child, Arnelle says she took on the responsibility of helping raise her youngest siblings, Sydney and Justin. She tried to provide a “normal” life for them after their mother’s murder, but it was tough:

“We have been living with this for 20 years,” said Arnelle. “Me, my brothers, my sister… You know, when the whole thing happened to Paris (Michael Jackson’s daughter, who attempted to commit suicide after her father died) I called them. I told the family: ‘Hey, it could have happened to us, to Sydney and Justin.’ But we brought them up okay.”

As we all know, O.J. was sentenced to up 33 years in prison in 2008, for trying to steal his own sports memorabilia back from some dudes who bought it and had it inside a Las Vegas hotel room. Once he began serving his sentence, he left Arnelle in control of his finances. Only problem was that- depending on who you ask- his $25K-a-month-NFL pension and home were long gone due to various reasons under Arnelle’s watch.

Arnelle said, “The home is gone! All the money went to attorneys anyway. There was no point to keep it. It went for foreclosure. It’s gone.”

She further explained, “I have the power of attorney for my father’s affairs while he is, you know, in his ‘situation.’”

According to Yahoo, a family friend said Arnelle blew through her father’s money to support her excessive lifestyle.

“Arnelle is a shopaholic. Shopping was often the only thing that got her out of the house. She loved her trips to Saks and Victoria’s Secret and paid for them with her father’s money. She’d also bring all of her friends to the house or go to expensive restaurants and buy everyone dinner and drinks.”

OJ and Arnelle reportedly sparred often over her alleged drinking problems. 

“O.J. fought with Arnelle all the time about her drinking, and he tried for years to get her married to get her out of his house. ‘All she would do is sit around and drink vodka, even for breakfast,” the source said.

OJ and daughter Arnelle
Arnelle Simpson and O.J. Simpson / Twitter

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